My backup scripts and tools
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Initial setup

Run on client:

sudo git clone /opt/borg
sudo /opt/borg/

Customize /opt/borg/config.yaml as desired.

Cheat sheet

After setup, the copy of this file on the client will have the variables in this section filled in automatically


Hostname: ${HOSTNAME}
Base directory: ${BORG_DIR}
Destination: ${BACKUP_USER}@${BACKUP_HOST}
Repository: ${BACKUP_REPO}


See when next backup is scheduled:

systemctl list-timers borg-backup.timer

See status of most recent backup:

systemctl status --full --lines 999999 --no-pager --all borg-backup

Watch log:

journalctl --all --follow --unit borg-backup

Start backup now:

sudo systemctl start borg-backup

Interrupt backup in progress:

sudo systemctl stop borg-backup

Show backups and related info:

sudo ${BORG_DIR}/ info
sudo ${BORG_DIR}/ list

Run Borg using the read-write SSH key:

sudo ${BORG_DIR}/ --rw list

Mount and look at files:

mkdir mnt
sudo ${BORG_DIR}/ mount :: mnt
sudo -s # to explore as root
sudo umount mnt

Prune old backups. Only run if sure local system was never compromised, as object deletion could have been queued during append-only operations. Requires SSH key password from bitwarden.

sudo ${BORG_DIR}/


  • On server, we have a separate user account “jim-backups”. Password for this account is in bitwarden in the “Backups” folder, under ssh

  • Repository keys are repokeys, which get stored on the server, inside the repo. Passphrases are stored:

    • on clients (in /opt/borg/passphrase, for making backups)
    • in bitwarden (under borg <hostname>, user repo key)
  • Each client has two SSH keys for connecting to the server:

    • /opt/borg/ssh/id_ecdsa_appendonly
      • configured on server for append-only operation
      • used for making backups
      • no password
    • /opt/borg/ssh/id_ecdsa
      • configured on server for read-write operation
      • used for manual recovery, management, pruning
      • password in bitwarden (under borg <hostname>, user read-write ssh key)
  • Pruning requires the password and is a manual operation, and should only be run when the client has not been compromised.

    sudo /opt/borg/
  • Systemd timers start daily backups:

    /etc/systemd/system/borg-backup.service -> /opt/borg/borg-backup.service
    /etc/systemd/system/borg-backup.timer -> /opt/borg/borg-backup.timer
  • Backup script /opt/borg/ uses configuration in /opt/borg/config.yaml to generate our own list of files, excluding anything that’s too large by default. This requires borg 1.2.0b1 or newer.


Building Borg.bin binary from git

git clone
cd borg
virtualenv --python=python3 borg-env
source borg-env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.d/development.txt
pip install pyinstaller
pip install llfuse
pip install -e .[llfuse]
pyinstaller --clean --noconfirm scripts/borg.exe.spec
pip install staticx
staticx -l /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ dist/borg.exe Borg.bin

Then see dist/borg.exe. Confirm the version with dist/borg.exe --version.

Note: This uses the deprecated llfuse instead of the newer pyfuse3. pyfuse3 doesn’t work because, at minimum, it pulls in trio which requires ssl which is explicitly excluded by scripts/borg.exe.spec.