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UserGuide: Fixed link to Wiggler2 project.

In section '2.9 IBM PC Parallel Printer Port based' fixed link to
the Wiggler2 project and removed the alternate URL text to retain
style consistency with the other URLs in the document:

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@@ -466,7 +466,7 @@ The simplest solution is to get linux to ignore the ST-LINK using one of the fol
@section IBM PC Parallel Printer Port Based

The two well known ``JTAG Parallel Ports'' cables are the Xilnx DLC5
and the MacGraigor Wiggler. There are many clones and variations of
and the Macraigor Wiggler. There are many clones and variations of
these on the market.

Note that parallel ports are becoming much less common, so if you
@@ -489,8 +489,7 @@ produced, PDF schematics are easily found and it is easy to make.
@* Link: @url{}

@item @b{Wiggler2}
Improved parallel-port wiggler-style JTAG adapter}
@* Link: @url{}

@item @b{Wiggler_ntrst_inverted}
@* Yet another variation - See the source code, src/jtag/parport.c