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Update Release Script documentation to reflect current implementation.

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@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ In addition, support for '-rc' releases needs to be added.

The following output was taken from the release script:
usage: tools/ <command>
usage: tools/ [options] <command>

Main Commands:
info Show a summary of the next pending release.
@@ -303,6 +303,20 @@ WARNING: This script should be used by the Release Manager ONLY.

Run <code>tools/ help</code> for current command support.

@subsection releasescriptenv Release Script Options

The @c script recognizes some command-line options that
affect its behavior:

- @c --live : Use this option to perform a live release.
When this option has been given, the release commands will affect
the repository; otherwise, the script reports the actions to take,
and it produces archives that are unsuitable for public release.

@note Only the Release Manager should use the @c --live option, as
it will make permanent changes to the Subversion repository that
cannot be undone.

@subsection releasescriptenv Release Script Environment

The @c script recognizes some environment variables which
@@ -310,18 +324,13 @@ affect its behavior:

- @c CONFIG_OPTS : Passed as options to the configure script.
- @c MAKE_OPTS : Passed as options to the 'make' processes.
- @c RELEASE_DRY_RUN : Set this to null to perform the live release.
Unless this variable has been (un)set, the release commands will not
affect the repository.

Proper option handling should be added to set these variables in script.

@section releasetutorial Release Tutorials

This section provides tutorials for using the Release Script to perform
common release tasks.

@subsection releasetutorialminor Minor Release Tutorial
@subsection releasetutorialsetup Release Tutorial Setup

The tutorials in this section assume the following environment
variables have been set properly: