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ARM: rename "arm9tdmi vector_catch" to "arm9 ..."

And update doc accordingly.  That EmbeddedICE register was
introduced for ARM9TDMI and then carried forward into most
new chips that use EmbeddedICE.
David Brownell 14 years ago
4 changed files with 11 additions and 17 deletions
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@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ Target Layer:
VERY EARLY Cortex-A8 and ARMv7A support
Updated hardware support
New commands for use with XScale processors: "xscale vector_table"
name change: "arm9 vector_catch" not "arm9tdmi vector_catch"
single stepping support for i.MX31
bugfix for missing "arm11" prefix on "arm11 memwrite ..."

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@@ -138,9 +138,8 @@ Once the above are completed:
- regression: "reset halt" between 729(works) and 788(fails): @par
- ARM7/9:
- clean up "arm9tdmi vector_catch". Should be available for other arm9
(e.g. arm926ejs) and some(???) arm7 cores. @par
- clean up "arm9tdmi vector_catch". Available for some arm7 cores? @par
- add reset option to allow programming embedded ice while srst is asserted.
Some CPUs will gate the JTAG clock when srst is asserted and in this case,

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doc/openocd.texi View File

@@ -768,7 +768,7 @@ early boot code, which performs some of the same actions
that the @code{reset-init} event handler does.

Likewise, the @command{arm9tdmi vector_catch} command (or
Likewise, the @command{arm9 vector_catch} command (or
@cindex vector_catch
its siblings @command{xscale vector_catch}
and @command{cortex_m3 vector_catch}) can be a timesaver
@@ -5028,7 +5028,7 @@ at @var{address} for @var{length} bytes.
This is a software breakpoint, unless @option{hw} is specified
in which case it will be a hardware breakpoint.

(@xref{arm9tdmi vector_catch}, or @pxref{xscale vector_catch},
(@xref{arm9 vector_catch}, or @pxref{xscale vector_catch},
for similar mechanisms that do not consume hardware breakpoints.)
@end deffn

@@ -5453,18 +5453,13 @@ ARM9-family cores are built around ARM9TDMI or ARM9E (including ARM9EJS)
integer processors.
Such cores include the ARM920T, ARM926EJ-S, and ARM966.

For historical reasons, one command shared by these cores starts
with the @command{arm9tdmi} prefix.
This is true even for ARM9E based processors, which implement the
ARMv5TE architecture instead of ARMv4T.

@c 9-june-2009: tried this on arm920t, it didn't work.
@c no-params always lists nothing caught, and that's how it acts.
@c 23-oct-2009: doesn't work _consistently_ ... as if the ICE
@c versions have different rules about when they commit writes.

@anchor{arm9tdmi vector_catch}
@deffn Command {arm9tdmi vector_catch} [@option{all}|@option{none}|list]
@anchor{arm9 vector_catch}
@deffn Command {arm9 vector_catch} [@option{all}|@option{none}|list]
@cindex vector_catch
Vector Catch hardware provides a sort of dedicated breakpoint
for hardware events such as reset, interrupt, and abort.

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src/target/arm9tdmi.c View File

@@ -1061,14 +1061,12 @@ int arm9tdmi_register_commands(struct command_context_s *cmd_ctx)
command_t *arm9tdmi_cmd;

retval = arm7_9_register_commands(cmd_ctx);
arm9tdmi_cmd = register_command(cmd_ctx, NULL, "arm9tdmi",
arm9tdmi_cmd = register_command(cmd_ctx, NULL, "arm9",
"arm9tdmi specific commands");
"arm9 specific commands");
register_command(cmd_ctx, arm9tdmi_cmd, "vector_catch",
handle_arm9tdmi_catch_vectors_command, COMMAND_EXEC,
"arm9 vector_catch [all|none|reset|undef|swi|pabt|dabt|irq|fiq] - separate vectors to catch by space");

"arm9 vector_catch [all|none|reset|undef|swi|pabt|dabt|irq|fiq] ...");

return retval;