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David Brownell <> Various updates to 0.3.0 NEWS

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This file should include items worth mentioning in the
OpenOCD openocd-0.2.0 source archive release.
The following areas of OpenOCD functionality changed in this release:
This file should include highlights of the changes made in the
OpenOCD openocd-0.3.0 source archive release. See the repository
history for details about what changed, including bugfixes and
other issues not mentioned here.

JTAG Layer:
FT2232H (high speed USB) support doesn't need separate configuration

Target Layer:
New commands for use with Cortex-M3 processors:
"cortex_m3 disassemble" ... Thumb2 disassembly (UAL format)
"cortex_m3 vector_catch" ... traps certain hardware faults
without tying up breakpoint resources
If you're willing to help debug it: VERY EARLY Cortex-A8 support

Flash Layer:
The lpc2000 driver handles the new NXP LPC1700 (Cortex-M3) chips

Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
Cleanup and additions for the TI/Luminary Stellaris scripts
LPC1768 target (and flash) support
Keil MCB1700 eval board
Samsung s3c2450
Mini2440 board


Build and Release:

For more details about what has changed since the last release,