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docs: remove berlios related info

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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
Please report bugs by subscribing to the OpenOCD mailing list and
posting a message with your report:

Also, please check the Trac bug database to see if a ticket for
the bug has already been opened. You might be asked to open

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@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ git tag -m "The openocd-${PACKAGE_VERSION} release." "${PACKAGE_TAG}"
configures the process.
-# Run <code>tools/ stage</code> to create an @c archives
directory with the release data, including MD5 and SHA1
checksum files (which are used with Berlios).
checksum files.
-# Sanity check at least one of those archives, by extracting and
configuring its contents, using them to build a copy of OpenOCD,
and verifying that the result prints the correct release version
@@ -357,13 +357,6 @@ git tag -m "The openocd-${PACKAGE_VERSION} release." "${PACKAGE_TAG}"
- .zip: Windows
- For openocd.pdf just associate it with the right release notes.
-# Create an project news update.
- Berlios:
-# Provide @c NEWS file, as requested.
-# Upload the release files via FTP to
-# Edit descriptions for each file (one at a time) Note that Berlios
does not automatically checksum files, and it uses a very old
version of the SourceForge code with user interface issues.
-# Click button to send E-mail Release Notice.
-# Depending on how paranoid you're feeling today, verify the images by
downloading them from the websites and making sure there are no
differences between the downloaded copies and your originals.
@@ -372,10 +365,9 @@ git tag -m "The openocd-${PACKAGE_VERSION} release." "${PACKAGE_TAG}"
User's Guide, and HTML for the developer's guide ... you can
instantiate a instance and set up symlinks
from your home directory, to simplify this process.
-# (How to update the Berlios web site with the same data?)
-# Post announcement e-mail to the openocd-development list.
-# optionally:
-# Post an update on the Berlios blog (if it lets you)
-# Post an update on the OpenOCD blog.
-# Announce updates on and other trackers.
-# Submit updates to news feeds (e.g. Digg, Reddit, etc.).
-# Resume normal development on mainline, by opening the merge window for