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Defined target_write_memory() to be able to handle implementing breakpoints for read only ram(e.g. MMU write protected.

Øyvind Harboe 12 years ago
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@@ -363,6 +363,30 @@ extern int target_write_memory(struct target_s *target,
extern int target_bulk_write_memory(struct target_s *target,
uint32_t address, uint32_t count, uint8_t *buffer);

* Write to target memory using the virtual address.
* Note that this fn is used to implement software breakpoints. Targets
* can implement support for software breakpoints to memory marked as read
* only by making this fn write to ram even if it is read only(MMU or
* MPUs).
* It is sufficient to implement for writing a single word(16 or 32 in
* ARM32/16 bit case) to write the breakpoint to ram.
* The target should also take care of "other things" to make sure that
* software breakpoints can be written using this function. E.g.
* when there is a separate instruction and data cache, this fn must
* make sure that the instruction cache is synced up to the potential
* code change that can happen as a result of the memory write(typically
* by invalidating the cache).
* The high level wrapper fn in target.c will break down this memory write
* request to multiple write requests to the target driver to e.g. guarantee
* that writing 4 bytes to an aligned address happens with a single 32 bit
* write operation, thus making this fn suitable to e.g. write to special
* peripheral registers which do not support byte operations.
extern int target_write_buffer(struct target_s *target, uint32_t address, uint32_t size, uint8_t *buffer);
extern int target_read_buffer(struct target_s *target, uint32_t address, uint32_t size, uint8_t *buffer);
extern int target_checksum_memory(struct target_s *target, uint32_t address, uint32_t size, uint32_t* crc);