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docs: remove obsolete luminary target info

The lm3s variant is not required as this is handled in the
target script - see tcl/target/stellaris.cfg.

Signed-off-by: Spencer Oliver <>
Spencer Oliver 13 years ago
1 changed files with 1 additions and 8 deletions
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@@ -3602,14 +3602,7 @@ At this writing, the supported CPU types and variants are:
(Support for this is preliminary and incomplete.)
@item @code{cortex_a8} -- this is an ARMv7 core with an MMU
@item @code{cortex_m3} -- this is an ARMv7 core, supporting only the
compact Thumb2 instruction set. It supports one variant:
@itemize @minus
@item @code{lm3s} ... Use this when debugging older Stellaris LM3S targets.
This will cause OpenOCD to use a software reset rather than asserting
SRST, to avoid a issue with clearing the debug registers.
This is fixed in Fury Rev B, DustDevil Rev B, Tempest; these revisions will
be detected and the normal reset behaviour used.
@end itemize
compact Thumb2 instruction set.
@item @code{dragonite} -- resembles arm966e
@item @code{dsp563xx} -- implements Freescale's 24-bit DSP.
(Support for this is still incomplete.)