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configure: remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, effectively always enabling all the rules

There're strong arguments against using this macro (mostly regarding
build consistency), so remove it altogether.

Change-Id: I90c8e9a86a24571019366435bd868a6799a09c45
Signed-off-by: Paul Fertser <>
Tested-by: jenkins
Reviewed-by: Spencer Oliver <>
Reviewed-by: Andreas Fritiofson <>
Paul Fertser 9 years ago
committed by Spencer Oliver
4 changed files with 3 additions and 33 deletions
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@@ -203,11 +203,6 @@ interfaces should be included (among other things). The following list
of options was extracted from the output of './configure --help'. Other
options may be available there:

--enable-maintainer-mode enable make rules and dependencies not useful
(and sometimes confusing) to the casual installer
NOTE: This option is *required* for GIT builds!
It should *not* be used to build a release.

--enable-dummy Enable building the dummy JTAG port driver

--enable-parport Enable building the pc parallel port driver
@@ -453,9 +448,9 @@ Tips For Building From a GIT Repository

Building OpenOCD from a repository requires a recent version of the GNU
autotools (autoconf >= 2.59 and automake >= 1.9).
autotools (autoconf >= 2.60 and automake >= 1.9).

1) Run './bootstrap' to create the 'configure' script and prepare
the build process for your host system.

2) Run './configure --enable-maintainer-mode' with other options.
2) Run './configure' with other options.

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@@ -31,10 +31,6 @@ autoheader
automake --gnu --add-missing --copy

# AM_MAINTAINER_MODE requires --enable-maintainer-mode from everyone using
# current source snapshots (working from GIT, or some source snapshot, etc)
# otherwise the documentation will fail to build due to missing version.texi

if [ -n "$SKIP_SUBMODULE" ]; then
echo "Skipping submodule setup"
@@ -44,4 +40,4 @@ else

echo "Bootstrap complete. Quick build instructions:"
echo "./configure --enable-maintainer-mode ...."
echo "./configure ...."

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@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR([src/openocd.c])

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([-Wall -Wno-portability dist-bzip2 dist-zip])


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doc/manual/primer/autotools.txt View File

@@ -53,26 +53,6 @@ The @c autoconf program generates the @c configure script from
included in the project distribution packages and run by users to
configure the build process for their system.

@subsection primermaintainermode Maintainer Mode

After a fresh checkout, @c bootstrap, and a simple @c configure, you may
experience errors when running @c make that some files cannot be found
(e.g. @c version.texi), and a second @c make will "mysteriously" solve
the problems. The isssue is well-known and expected, if unfortunate.

The OpenOCD project requires that all developers building from the
git repository use the @c --enable-maintainer-mode option when
running the @c configure script. This option ensures that certain files
are created during the build process that would normally be packaged in
the distribution tarball. The @c bootstrap script will remind you of
this requirement when it runs.

In addition to solving these problems, this option enables Makefile
rules (provided by automake) that allow the normal @c make process to
rebuild the autotools outputs, included the automake-generated Makefiles
themselves. This avoids the heavy-handed approach of running the
@c bootstrap script after changing one of these files.

@section primerautomake Automake Makefiles

The @c automake program generates @c files (from @c