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TODO: add restructuring of JTAG/adapter layer

SWD is already implemented, so remove the item.
Rename the section JTAG as Adapter, including the subsections.
Add an initial list of pending activities after the restructure
of the JTAG layer.

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Signed-off-by: Antonio Borneo <>
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Reviewed-by: Tomas Vanek <>
Antonio Borneo 2 years ago
committed by Tomas Vanek
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@@ -37,11 +37,34 @@ This section provides possible things to improve with OpenOCD's TCL support.
- See src/jtag/core.c and src/jtag/tcl.c for an example.
- allow some of these TCL command modules to be dynamically loadable?

@section thelistjtag JTAG

This section list issues that need to be resolved in the JTAG layer.

@subsection thelistjtagcore JTAG Core
@section thelistadapter Adapter

This section list issues that need to be resolved in the Adapter layer.

@subsection thelistadapterrework Code restructuring

This section lists pending reworks to complete the restructure from the
old JTAG centric implementation to a generic Adapter layer.
This restructuring is very invasive and will prevent the merge of several
changes pending in gerrit.

- rename folder src/jtag/ to src/adapter/
- rename var "jtag" to "adapter" in src/jtag/core.c
- split content of src/adapter/ in the different protocols jtag.[ch],
swd.[ch], ...
- wrap the calls to adapter->transport_ops->api() with transport_api()
and reduce the visibility of global var "adapter"
- complete the migration of JTAG-only drivers to adapter->reset()
- try to remove JTAG_SLEEP also from JTAG mode?
- tap_set_state(TAP_RESET) is already done in src/jtag/core.c. No need
to replicate it in the drivers, apart in case the driver sets TRST
- separate SWIM from HLA and make it independent
- add .hla_ops and .swim_ops to "adapter"
- HLA is a API level (.hla_ops). Transport should simply be {jtag,swd},
not {hla_jtag,hla_swd}.

@subsection thelistadapterjtagcore JTAG Core

The following tasks have been suggested for cleaning up the JTAG layer:

@@ -63,9 +86,9 @@ The following tasks have been suggested for adding new core JTAG support:
- (ab)use bit-banging JTAG interfaces to emulate SPI/UART
- allow SPI to program flash, MCUs, etc.

@subsection thelistjtaginterfaces JTAG Interfaces
@subsection thelistadapterinterfaces Interface drivers

There are some known bugs to fix in JTAG adapter drivers:
There are some known bugs to fix in Interface drivers:

- For JTAG_STATEMOVE to TAP_RESET, all drivers must ignore the current
recorded state. The tap_get_state() call won't necessarily return
@@ -107,10 +130,6 @@ of a minidriver is required to capture all the jtag_add_xxx()
fn's at a high enough level and repackage these cmd's as
TCP/IP packets handled by the server.

@section thelistswd Serial Wire Debug

- implement Serial Wire Debug interface

@section thelistbs Boundary Scan Support

- add STAPL support?