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flash: update luminary device table

add support for checking target against the device CLASS rather
then just the PARTNO.

This change also adds the new LM4F family (Blizzard).

Change-Id: Ia9d1e33f1f1c2817c0039a2232ecf932fae072f9
Signed-off-by: Spencer Oliver <>
Reviewed-by: Øyvind Harboe <>
Spencer Oliver 11 years ago
committed by Øyvind Harboe
2 changed files with 341 additions and 262 deletions
  1. +53
  2. +288

+ 53
- 20
contrib/ View File

@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ $comment = "// Autogenerated by contrib/
// From Stellaris Firmware Development Package revision";

$struct_header = "static struct {
uint32_t partno;
uint8_t class;
uint8_t partno;
const char *partname;
} StellarisParts[] =
} StellarisParts[] = {

$struct_footer = "\t{0,\"Unknown part\"}\n};\n";
$struct_footer = "\t{0xFF, 0x00, \"Unknown Part\"}\n};\n";

$#ARGV == 1 || die "Usage: $0 <inc directory> <output file>\n";
-d $ARGV[0] || die $ARGV[0]." is not a directory\n";
@@ -26,13 +26,11 @@ opendir(DIR, $dir) || die "can't open $dir: $!";
@files = readdir(DIR);

@short_files = sort(grep(/lm3s...\.h/, @files));
@long_files = sort(grep(/lm3s....\.h/, @files));
@header_files = sort(grep(/lm.+\.h/, @files));

$ver = 0;
$new_struct = $struct_header;
$new_struct .= $struct_footer;

$dump = "$comment $ver\n$new_struct";
@@ -51,7 +49,7 @@ close(OUTPUT);

sub process_file {
foreach $h_file (@_) {
($base) = ($h_file =~ m/lm3s(.{3,4})\.h/ig);
($base) = ($h_file =~ m/lm..(.{3,7})\.h/ig);
$base = uc($base);
local($/, *FILE);
open(FILE, "$dir/$h_file");
@@ -66,22 +64,39 @@ sub process_file {
$ver = $1;
if ($content =~ /SYSCTL_DID1_VER_[^M]\s+0x(\S+)/) {
$did1_ver = hex($1);

if ($content =~ /SYSCTL_DID0_CLASS_[^M].+?0x(\S+)/s) {
$class = hex($1) >> 16;
} else {
print STDERR "$h_file is missing SYSCTL_DID1_VER\n";
$did1_ver = 255;
$invalid = 1;
# attempt another way to get class
if ($content =~ /\s(\S+)-class/) {
$class = getclass($1);
if ($class eq 0xFF) {
print STDERR "$h_file unknown class\n";
$invalid = 1;
} else {
print STDERR "$h_file is missing SYSCTL_DID0_CLASS_\n";
$class = 0;
$invalid = 1;
if ($content =~ /SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_$base\s+0x(\S+)/) {

if ($content =~ /SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_$base.+0x(\S+)/) {
$prtno = hex($1);
$base = "LM3S" . $base;
} else {
print STDERR "$h_file is missing SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO\n";
$prtno = 0;
$invalid = 1;
# LM4F have a changed header
if ($content =~ /SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO_LM4F$base.+?0x(\S+)/s) {
$prtno = hex($1);
$base = "LM4F" . $base;
} else {
print STDERR "$h_file is missing SYSCTL_DID1_PRTNO\n";
$prtno = 0;
$invalid = 1;
$id = ($did1_ver | $prtno) >> 16;
$new_member = sprintf "{0x%04X,\"LM3S%s\"},", $id, $base;
$new_member = sprintf "{0x%02X, 0x%02X, \"%s\"},", $class, $prtno >> 16, $base;
if ($invalid == 1) {
#$new_struct .= "\t//$new_member\t// Invalid\n";
} else {
@@ -89,3 +104,21 @@ sub process_file {

sub getclass {
$class = $_[0];
if ($class =~ /Sandstorm/i) {
return 0;
} elsif ($class =~ /Fury/i) {
return 1;
} elsif ($class =~ /DustDevil/i) {
return 3;
} elsif ($class =~ /Tempest/i) {
return 4;
} elsif ($class =~ /Blizzard/i) {
return 5;
} elsif ($class =~ /Firestorm/i) {
return 6;
return 0xFF;

+ 288
- 242
src/flash/nor/stellaris.c View File

@@ -126,248 +126,293 @@ struct stellaris_flash_bank
// Autogenerated by contrib/
// From Stellaris Firmware Development Package revision 8049
static struct {
uint32_t partno;
uint8_t class;
uint8_t partno;
const char *partname;
} StellarisParts[] =
{0,"Unknown part"}
} StellarisParts[] = {
{0x00, 0x01, "LM3S101"},
{0x00, 0x02, "LM3S102"},
{0x01, 0xBF, "LM3S1110"},
{0x01, 0xC3, "LM3S1133"},
{0x01, 0xC5, "LM3S1138"},
{0x01, 0xC1, "LM3S1150"},
{0x01, 0xC4, "LM3S1162"},
{0x01, 0xC2, "LM3S1165"},
{0x01, 0xEC, "LM3S1166"},
{0x01, 0xC6, "LM3S1332"},
{0x01, 0xBC, "LM3S1435"},
{0x01, 0xBA, "LM3S1439"},
{0x01, 0xBB, "LM3S1512"},
{0x01, 0xC7, "LM3S1538"},
{0x01, 0xDB, "LM3S1601"},
{0x03, 0x06, "LM3S1607"},
{0x01, 0xDA, "LM3S1608"},
{0x01, 0xC0, "LM3S1620"},
{0x04, 0xCD, "LM3S1621"},
{0x03, 0x03, "LM3S1625"},
{0x03, 0x04, "LM3S1626"},
{0x03, 0x05, "LM3S1627"},
{0x01, 0xB3, "LM3S1635"},
{0x01, 0xEB, "LM3S1636"},
{0x01, 0xBD, "LM3S1637"},
{0x04, 0xB1, "LM3S1651"},
{0x01, 0xB9, "LM3S1751"},
{0x03, 0x10, "LM3S1776"},
{0x04, 0x16, "LM3S1811"},
{0x04, 0x3D, "LM3S1816"},
{0x01, 0xB4, "LM3S1850"},
{0x01, 0xDD, "LM3S1911"},
{0x01, 0xDC, "LM3S1918"},
{0x01, 0xB7, "LM3S1937"},
{0x01, 0xBE, "LM3S1958"},
{0x01, 0xB5, "LM3S1960"},
{0x01, 0xB8, "LM3S1968"},
{0x01, 0xEA, "LM3S1969"},
{0x04, 0xCE, "LM3S1B21"},
{0x06, 0xCA, "LM3S1C21"},
{0x06, 0xCB, "LM3S1C26"},
{0x06, 0x98, "LM3S1C58"},
{0x06, 0xB0, "LM3S1D21"},
{0x06, 0xCC, "LM3S1D26"},
{0x06, 0x1D, "LM3S1F11"},
{0x06, 0x1B, "LM3S1F16"},
{0x06, 0xAF, "LM3S1G21"},
{0x06, 0x95, "LM3S1G58"},
{0x06, 0x1E, "LM3S1H11"},
{0x06, 0x1C, "LM3S1H16"},
{0x04, 0x0F, "LM3S1J11"},
{0x04, 0x3C, "LM3S1J16"},
{0x04, 0x0E, "LM3S1N11"},
{0x04, 0x3B, "LM3S1N16"},
{0x04, 0xB2, "LM3S1P51"},
{0x04, 0x9E, "LM3S1R21"},
{0x04, 0xC9, "LM3S1R26"},
{0x04, 0x30, "LM3S1W16"},
{0x04, 0x2F, "LM3S1Z16"},
{0x01, 0xD4, "LM3S2016"},
{0x01, 0x51, "LM3S2110"},
{0x01, 0x84, "LM3S2139"},
{0x03, 0x39, "LM3S2276"},
{0x01, 0xA2, "LM3S2410"},
{0x01, 0x59, "LM3S2412"},
{0x01, 0x56, "LM3S2432"},
{0x01, 0x5A, "LM3S2533"},
{0x01, 0xE1, "LM3S2601"},
{0x01, 0xE0, "LM3S2608"},
{0x03, 0x33, "LM3S2616"},
{0x01, 0x57, "LM3S2620"},
{0x01, 0x85, "LM3S2637"},
{0x01, 0x53, "LM3S2651"},
{0x03, 0x80, "LM3S2671"},
{0x03, 0x50, "LM3S2678"},
{0x01, 0xA4, "LM3S2730"},
{0x01, 0x52, "LM3S2739"},
{0x03, 0x3A, "LM3S2776"},
{0x04, 0x6D, "LM3S2793"},
{0x01, 0xE3, "LM3S2911"},
{0x01, 0xE2, "LM3S2918"},
{0x01, 0xED, "LM3S2919"},
{0x01, 0x54, "LM3S2939"},
{0x01, 0x8F, "LM3S2948"},
{0x01, 0x58, "LM3S2950"},
{0x01, 0x55, "LM3S2965"},
{0x04, 0x6C, "LM3S2B93"},
{0x06, 0x94, "LM3S2D93"},
{0x06, 0x93, "LM3S2U93"},
{0x00, 0x19, "LM3S300"},
{0x00, 0x11, "LM3S301"},
{0x00, 0x1A, "LM3S308"},
{0x00, 0x12, "LM3S310"},
{0x00, 0x13, "LM3S315"},
{0x00, 0x14, "LM3S316"},
{0x00, 0x17, "LM3S317"},
{0x00, 0x15, "LM3S328"},
{0x03, 0x08, "LM3S3634"},
{0x03, 0x43, "LM3S3651"},
{0x04, 0xC8, "LM3S3654"},
{0x03, 0x44, "LM3S3739"},
{0x03, 0x49, "LM3S3748"},
{0x03, 0x45, "LM3S3749"},
{0x04, 0x42, "LM3S3826"},
{0x04, 0x41, "LM3S3J26"},
{0x04, 0x40, "LM3S3N26"},
{0x04, 0x3F, "LM3S3W26"},
{0x04, 0x3E, "LM3S3Z26"},
{0x03, 0x81, "LM3S5632"},
{0x04, 0x0C, "LM3S5651"},
{0x03, 0x8A, "LM3S5652"},
{0x04, 0x4D, "LM3S5656"},
{0x03, 0x91, "LM3S5662"},
{0x03, 0x96, "LM3S5732"},
{0x03, 0x97, "LM3S5737"},
{0x03, 0xA0, "LM3S5739"},
{0x03, 0x99, "LM3S5747"},
{0x03, 0xA7, "LM3S5749"},
{0x03, 0x9A, "LM3S5752"},
{0x03, 0x9C, "LM3S5762"},
{0x04, 0x69, "LM3S5791"},
{0x04, 0x0B, "LM3S5951"},
{0x04, 0x4E, "LM3S5956"},
{0x04, 0x68, "LM3S5B91"},
{0x06, 0x2E, "LM3S5C31"},
{0x06, 0x2C, "LM3S5C36"},
{0x06, 0x5E, "LM3S5C51"},
{0x06, 0x5B, "LM3S5C56"},
{0x06, 0x5F, "LM3S5D51"},
{0x06, 0x5C, "LM3S5D56"},
{0x06, 0x87, "LM3S5D91"},
{0x06, 0x2D, "LM3S5G31"},
{0x06, 0x1F, "LM3S5G36"},
{0x06, 0x5D, "LM3S5G51"},
{0x06, 0x4F, "LM3S5G56"},
{0x04, 0x09, "LM3S5K31"},
{0x04, 0x4A, "LM3S5K36"},
{0x04, 0x0A, "LM3S5P31"},
{0x04, 0x48, "LM3S5P36"},
{0x04, 0xB6, "LM3S5P3B"},
{0x04, 0x0D, "LM3S5P51"},
{0x04, 0x4C, "LM3S5P56"},
{0x04, 0x07, "LM3S5R31"},
{0x04, 0x4B, "LM3S5R36"},
{0x04, 0x47, "LM3S5T36"},
{0x06, 0x7F, "LM3S5U91"},
{0x04, 0x46, "LM3S5Y36"},
{0x00, 0x2A, "LM3S600"},
{0x00, 0x21, "LM3S601"},
{0x00, 0x2B, "LM3S608"},
{0x00, 0x22, "LM3S610"},
{0x01, 0xA1, "LM3S6100"},
{0x00, 0x23, "LM3S611"},
{0x01, 0x74, "LM3S6110"},
{0x00, 0x24, "LM3S612"},
{0x00, 0x25, "LM3S613"},
{0x00, 0x26, "LM3S615"},
{0x00, 0x28, "LM3S617"},
{0x00, 0x29, "LM3S618"},
{0x00, 0x27, "LM3S628"},
{0x01, 0xA5, "LM3S6420"},
{0x01, 0x82, "LM3S6422"},
{0x01, 0x75, "LM3S6432"},
{0x01, 0x76, "LM3S6537"},
{0x01, 0x71, "LM3S6610"},
{0x01, 0xE7, "LM3S6611"},
{0x01, 0xE6, "LM3S6618"},
{0x01, 0x83, "LM3S6633"},
{0x01, 0x8B, "LM3S6637"},
{0x01, 0xA3, "LM3S6730"},
{0x01, 0x77, "LM3S6753"},
{0x01, 0xD1, "LM3S6816"},
{0x01, 0xE9, "LM3S6911"},
{0x01, 0xD3, "LM3S6916"},
{0x01, 0xE8, "LM3S6918"},
{0x01, 0x89, "LM3S6938"},
{0x01, 0x72, "LM3S6950"},
{0x01, 0x78, "LM3S6952"},
{0x01, 0x73, "LM3S6965"},
{0x06, 0xAA, "LM3S6C11"},
{0x06, 0xAC, "LM3S6C65"},
{0x06, 0x9F, "LM3S6G11"},
{0x06, 0xAB, "LM3S6G65"},
{0x00, 0x38, "LM3S800"},
{0x00, 0x31, "LM3S801"},
{0x00, 0x39, "LM3S808"},
{0x00, 0x32, "LM3S811"},
{0x00, 0x33, "LM3S812"},
{0x00, 0x34, "LM3S815"},
{0x00, 0x36, "LM3S817"},
{0x00, 0x37, "LM3S818"},
{0x00, 0x35, "LM3S828"},
{0x01, 0x64, "LM3S8530"},
{0x01, 0x8E, "LM3S8538"},
{0x01, 0x61, "LM3S8630"},
{0x01, 0x63, "LM3S8730"},
{0x01, 0x8D, "LM3S8733"},
{0x01, 0x86, "LM3S8738"},
{0x01, 0x65, "LM3S8930"},
{0x01, 0x8C, "LM3S8933"},
{0x01, 0x88, "LM3S8938"},
{0x01, 0xA6, "LM3S8962"},
{0x01, 0x62, "LM3S8970"},
{0x01, 0xD7, "LM3S8971"},
{0x06, 0xAE, "LM3S8C62"},
{0x06, 0xAD, "LM3S8G62"},
{0x04, 0xCF, "LM3S9781"},
{0x04, 0x67, "LM3S9790"},
{0x04, 0x6B, "LM3S9792"},
{0x04, 0x2D, "LM3S9971"},
{0x04, 0x20, "LM3S9997"},
{0x04, 0xD0, "LM3S9B81"},
{0x04, 0x66, "LM3S9B90"},
{0x04, 0x6A, "LM3S9B92"},
{0x04, 0x6E, "LM3S9B95"},
{0x04, 0x6F, "LM3S9B96"},
{0x04, 0x1D, "LM3S9BN2"},
{0x04, 0x1E, "LM3S9BN5"},
{0x04, 0x1F, "LM3S9BN6"},
{0x06, 0x70, "LM3S9C97"},
{0x06, 0x7A, "LM3S9CN5"},
{0x06, 0xA9, "LM3S9D81"},
{0x06, 0x7E, "LM3S9D90"},
{0x06, 0x92, "LM3S9D92"},
{0x06, 0xC8, "LM3S9D95"},
{0x06, 0x9D, "LM3S9D96"},
{0x06, 0x7B, "LM3S9DN5"},
{0x06, 0x7C, "LM3S9DN6"},
{0x06, 0x60, "LM3S9G97"},
{0x06, 0x79, "LM3S9GN5"},
{0x04, 0x1B, "LM3S9L71"},
{0x04, 0x18, "LM3S9L97"},
{0x06, 0xA8, "LM3S9U81"},
{0x06, 0x7D, "LM3S9U90"},
{0x06, 0x90, "LM3S9U92"},
{0x06, 0xB7, "LM3S9U95"},
{0x06, 0x9B, "LM3S9U96"},
{0x05, 0x18, "LM4F110B2QR"},
{0x05, 0x19, "LM4F110C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x10, "LM4F110E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x11, "LM4F110H5QR"},
{0x05, 0x22, "LM4F111B2QR"},
{0x05, 0x23, "LM4F111C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x20, "LM4F111E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x21, "LM4F111H5QR"},
{0x05, 0x36, "LM4F112C4QC"},
{0x05, 0x30, "LM4F112E5QC"},
{0x05, 0x31, "LM4F112H5QC"},
{0x05, 0x35, "LM4F112H5QD"},
{0x05, 0x01, "LM4F120B2QR"},
{0x05, 0x02, "LM4F120C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x03, "LM4F120E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x04, "LM4F120H5QR"},
{0x05, 0x08, "LM4F121B2QR"},
{0x05, 0x09, "LM4F121C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x0A, "LM4F121E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x0B, "LM4F121H5QR"},
{0x05, 0xD0, "LM4F122C4QC"},
{0x05, 0xD1, "LM4F122E5QC"},
{0x05, 0xD2, "LM4F122H5QC"},
{0x05, 0xD6, "LM4F122H5QD"},
{0x05, 0x48, "LM4F130C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x40, "LM4F130E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x41, "LM4F130H5QR"},
{0x05, 0x52, "LM4F131C4QR"},
{0x05, 0x50, "LM4F131E5QR"},
{0x05, 0x51, "LM4F131H5QR"},
{0x05, 0x66, "LM4F132C4QC"},
{0x05, 0x60, "LM4F132E5QC"},
{0x05, 0x61, "LM4F132H5QC"},
{0x05, 0x65, "LM4F132H5QD"},
{0x05, 0xA0, "LM4F230E5QR"},
{0x05, 0xA1, "LM4F230H5QR"},
{0x05, 0xB0, "LM4F231E5QR"},
{0x05, 0xB1, "LM4F231H5QR"},
{0x05, 0xC0, "LM4F232E5QC"},
{0x05, 0xE3, "LM4F232H5BB"},
{0x05, 0xC1, "LM4F232H5QC"},
{0x05, 0xC5, "LM4F232H5QD"},
{0x05, 0xE5, "LM4FS1AH5BB"},
{0x05, 0xE4, "LM4FS99H5BB"},
{0x05, 0xE0, "LM4FSXAH5BB"},
{0xFF, 0x00, "Unknown Part"}

static char * StellarisClassname[7] =
@@ -697,7 +742,8 @@ static int stellaris_read_part_info(struct flash_bank *bank)

for (i = 0; StellarisParts[i].partno; i++)
if (StellarisParts[i].partno == ((did1 >> 16) & 0xFFFF))
if ((StellarisParts[i].partno == ((did1 >> 16) & 0xFF)) &&
(StellarisParts[i].class == ((did0 >> 16) & 0xFF)))