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Note bug in handling of variables through command line parameters.

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@@ -23,6 +23,10 @@ This section provides possible things to improve with OpenOCD's TCL support.
- provide more directory structure for boards/targets?
- factor configurations into layers (encapsulation and re-use)

- Fix handling of variables between multiple command line "-c" and "-f"
parameters. Currently variables assigned through one such parameter
command/script are unset before the next one is invoked.

- Isolate all TCL command support:
- Pure C CLI implementations using --disable-builtin-tcl.
- Allow developers to build new dongles using OpenOCD's JTAG core.

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@@ -670,6 +670,14 @@ each supporting a different development task.
One might re-flash the board with a specific firmware version.
Another might set up a particular debugging or run-time environment.

@quotation Important
At this writing (October 2009) the command line method has
problems with how it treats variables.
For example, after @option{-c "set VAR value"}, or doing the
same in a script, the variable @var{VAR} will have no value
that can be tested in a later script.
@end quotation

Here we will focus on the simpler solution: one user config
file, including basic configuration plus any TCL procedures
to simplify your work.