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arm920t: memory writes were broken when MMU was disabled

To support breakpoints, flush data cache line and invalidate
instruction cache when 4 and 2 byte words are written.

The previous code was trying to write directly to the physical
memory, which was buggy and had a number of other situations
that were not handled.

Signed-off-by: Øyvind Harboe <>
Øyvind Harboe 13 years ago
1 changed files with 10 additions and 11 deletions
  1. +10

+ 10
- 11
src/target/arm920t.c View File

@@ -555,26 +555,25 @@ int arm920t_write_memory(struct target_s *target, uint32_t address, uint32_t siz
if ((retval = arm7_9_write_memory(target, address, size, count, buffer)) != ERROR_OK)
return retval;

/* This fn is used to write breakpoints, so we need to make sure that the
* datacache is flushed and the instruction cache is invalidated */
if (((size == 4) || (size == 2)) && (count == 1))
if (arm920t->armv4_5_mmu.armv4_5_cache.d_u_cache_enabled)
LOG_DEBUG("D-Cache enabled, writing through to main memory");
uint32_t pa, cb, ap;
int type, domain;

pa = armv4_5_mmu_translate_va(target, &arm920t->armv4_5_mmu, address, &type, &cb, &domain, &ap);
if (type == -1)
return ERROR_OK;
/* cacheable & bufferable means write-back region */
if (cb == 3)
armv4_5_mmu_write_physical(target, &arm920t->armv4_5_mmu, pa, size, count, buffer);
LOG_DEBUG("D-Cache enabled, flush and invalidate cache line");
/* MCR p15,0,Rd,c7,c10,2 */
retval = arm920t_write_cp15_interpreted(target, 0xee070f5e, 0x0, address);
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;

if (arm920t->armv4_5_mmu.armv4_5_cache.i_cache_enabled)
LOG_DEBUG("I-Cache enabled, invalidating affected I-Cache line");
arm920t_write_cp15_interpreted(target, 0xee070f35, 0x0, address);
retval = arm920t_write_cp15_interpreted(target, 0xee070f35, 0x0, address);
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;