9241 Commits (jim)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  mifi 2e01a1ad19 - added gdb flash fixes patch 16 years ago
  ntfreak dfe1b3f314 - add support for extended gdb packet R (restart), requires gdb to be started with target extended-remote 16 years ago
  ntfreak 6c9b804d61 - minimum autoconf 2.59 is now required and verified - due to issues with AS_HELP_STRING 16 years ago
  mifi 2ec5bd2864 - corrected working_area of LPC2129 script 16 years ago
  ntfreak fe02401252 - fixed problem when write_image is called multiple times 16 years ago
  ntfreak 55f2fe830a - removed flash write_image - binary compare function has been moved to verify_image command 16 years ago
  mifi 79f25814fe - this patch allows OpenOCD running under eCos to access files via tftp 16 years ago
  ntfreak 62e65b9fde - added patch by Øyvind Harboe to Intel Hex Start Segment Address Record (Type 3) 16 years ago
  mifi 02f3765351 - added patch for new flash functionality like: 16 years ago
  mifi ed1e9d6abd - only some cosmetic changes, convert \r\n to unix 16 years ago
  mifi 9491aa15cd - fixed relocation problems with image loading. Relocation is handled 16 years ago
  mifi 835e0436e8 - added patch to corrected argument of image_open in handle_flash_write_image_command 16 years ago
  mifi a66df4104e The changes allows the "script" command to be used from within 16 years ago
  mifi d00cc228d3 - removed some compiler warnings 16 years ago
  mifi f328fb8a6c - change error message for image_open error 16 years ago
  mifi b642f42199 - initialize num_sectors and sectors in handle_flash_bank_command. 16 years ago
  drath c8490c2099 - fixed ETM configuration register decoding 16 years ago
  mifi 55bdadcbcd - added the patch CFI-BE-Fixes-Blockwrite-Support.diff 16 years ago
  mifi 7ff3a0d12e Corrected typo (to many brackets) 16 years ago
  mifi a877c4b9f0 Sorry, I have forgotten to add a description for the last version, where 16 years ago
  mifi 05abd25ddc git-svn-id: svn://svn.berlios.de/openocd/trunk@228 b42882b7-edfa-0310-969c-e2dbd0fdcd60 16 years ago
  mifi 900c70f8e8 - added patch from Dominic to unlock the ATMEL flash in cfi_read_atmel_pri_ext 16 years ago
  mifi 9c999216b1 - Fixing two compiler warnings 16 years ago
  bodylove 25ba5741f4 - Stripped trailing spaces (patch preparation) 16 years ago
  bodylove cec738e651 - Enabled URL keyword expansion for enhanced version 16 years ago
  bodylove 3fbdfeb82c - Added PKGLIBDIR define to C options. Allows to store 16 years ago
  bodylove 142a4a4b86 - XScale DebugHandler code is now installed into 16 years ago
  bodylove 78d58dd16a Changed openocd version info creation to be more useful. 16 years ago
  mifi 9e6cec0dd3 - added patch to display device information as INFO too 16 years ago
  bodylove 00bbf24c16 Merged rev 215 changes from /branches/xscale-ixp-be into trunk: 16 years ago
  vpalatin ba379aa80e Do not overwrite code when removing software breakpoint if it no longer contains bkpt instruction. 16 years ago
  ntfreak d6fae6fe02 - added support for Hitex STM32 Performance Stick 16 years ago
  ntfreak 8c634335b4 - reset_run now works as expected on cortex-m3 16 years ago
  ntfreak 89d0e422c9 - corrected str91x bank1 programming issues 16 years ago
  ntfreak e27696f6b0 - add verify_image command 16 years ago
  ntfreak ce8768f463 - cleaned up str7, str9 and stm32 flash drivers 17 years ago
  ntfreak 995326b600 - flash autoerase <on|off> cmd added, default is off - flash banks are calculated and erased prior to write (flash write_image only) 17 years ago
  mlu ed36a8d15d - Fixed display of sector sizes in flash.c 17 years ago
  mlu b3c593da0f - added ft2232_latency command 17 years ago
  drath 6ae83f5cf8 Patch by Michael Schwingen that 17 years ago
  drath b930514e2f - added support for setting JTAG frequency on ASIX PRESTO (thanks to Pavel Chromy) 17 years ago
  drath ecfc1e39a2 - correctly initialize start address for XScale trace buffer decodes in fill-once mode 17 years ago
  mlu 580bb85201 - Support for AT91SAM7xx512 chips 17 years ago
  mlu 7658f61ce7 - Support for AT91SAM7xx512 chips 17 years ago
  drath 222c05c924 - update file size when writing to a fileio 17 years ago
  drath 0eb8621bf2 - renamed "xscale dump_trace_buffer" to "xscale dump_trace" and added code for it 17 years ago
  drath cb6ebced3d - update jtag_speed setting when changing it during runtime with a FT2232 based interface 17 years ago
  drath c35cc0b8b7 - fixed several bugs in flash writing code (thanks to Pavel Chromy) 17 years ago
  drath 708535960c - corrected automake script 17 years ago
  drath 29000b204d - reworked presto.c to allow use of either FTD2XX or libftdi (libftdi not functional yet). Configure option changed from --enable-presto to 17 years ago