9241 Commits (jim)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Antonio Borneo d3a859cc44 cmsis_dap: fix build on macOS 1 year ago
  Tomas Vanek d7558e2ed6 target/armv7m: fix static analyzer warning 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo bbbfddc3ef jimtcl: restrict memory leak workaround on Linux only 1 year ago
  Yasushi SHOJI b392ba466c server: gdb_server: Add colon for target extended-remote 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI d624da96a9 target/armv7m.h: [style] replace tab with space between variable type and name 1 year ago
  Evgeniy Didin 77b28ced14 rtos: Add support for Zephyr RTOS 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 5d9de1c400 cortex_m: add armv8m special registers 2 years ago
  Marc Schink aa952a1b77 flash/nor/xcf: Do not use 'Yoda conditions' 1 year ago
  Daniel Anselmi e05cbb4e4f Add IPDBG JtagHost functionality to OpenOCD 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 3d46346e07 coding-style: additional style for C code 1 year ago
  R. Diez c5c2a83001 Enable adapter "Bus Pirate" by default. 2 years ago
  Marc Schink 40dd1e5284 target/riscv: Change 'authdata_read' output 1 year ago
  Marc Schink 167adaf841 target/stm8: Make 'stm8_command_handlers' static 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 64d89d5ee1 tcl: [3/3] prepare for jimtcl 0.81 'expr' syntax change 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo f855fdcf0d tcl: [2/3] prepare for jimtcl 0.81 'expr' syntax change 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo f5657aa76e tcl: [1/3] prepare for jimtcl 0.81 'expr' syntax change 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 82b6a41117 startup.tcl: prepare for jimtcl 0.81 'expr' syntax change 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 223b79ebe2 telnet/auto-complete: hide deprecated and internal commands 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 5ba8e365d9 telnet: allow hiding selected commands during auto-completion 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 8ecc2888cf cortex_m: use unsigned int for FPB and DWT quantifiers 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI a115b589a7 cortex_m: implement hit_watchpoint function 1 year ago
  Peter Lawrence b60d06ae32 tcl/board: add pico-debug support 2 years ago
  asier70 64a3e7ba4f flash/nor/stm32f1x: Add support for GD32F1x0/3x0 1 year ago
  Tim Newsome 87c90393fe Cleanup of config/includes. 1 year ago
  Luis de Arquer b44948985f drivers/ftdi: drscan: Skip DR-PAUSE when endstate == IDLE 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI d10141ef07 telnet: auto-completion of "registered" commands 2 years ago
  Jiri Kastner ffdb2f3d1a udev rules: add OSBDM device 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 1e5782a09a jtag: simplify the calls to Jim_SetResultFormatted() 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 4622a95fcc helper/command: drop the TCL variable 'ocd_HOSTOS' 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 89c6b93ba2 helper/command: fix memory leak on malloc() fail 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo f18a801e03 helper/jim-nvp: remove unused function Jim_nvpInit() 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 3c73cca1e0 helper/types: remove type '_Bool' 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo ae86bd8e18 helper/replacements: remove unused typedef's 1 year ago
  Christian Hoff 565129119f target/image: report error if ELF file contains no loadable sections 1 year ago
  Florian Meister 9206bd243b target/image: allow loading of 64-bit ELF files 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 11d918d9c1 libusb: don't use typedef's 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo a60979b069 helper/command: fix build with jimtcl 0.79 or older 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI ef0da79448 cortex_m: mark FPU register as non-existent instead of playing with num_regs 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI fd40d09676 doc/openocd.texi: fix warning 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 2c4f7efbf6 doc/openocd.texi: fix warning 1 year ago
  Tomas Vanek ef0aa38c10 target/armv7m: change FPv4_SP and FPv5_SP/DP identifiers to uppercase 1 year ago
  Tomas Vanek ab337d05f4 target/arm_adi_v5: move DP register definitions to one block 2 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 4455469847 target/adi_v5_swd: remove double space from swd_cmd() parameters 2 years ago
  Peter Lawrence a5471b1b2c drivers/cmsis-dap: add multidrop capability 2 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 45eff3a806 target/arm_adi_v5: add JTAG_TO_DORMANT sequence 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 6f1252373b tcl/at91/sam9_smc: fix syntax errors 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo df443551a8 board: imx53: fix l2 cache initialization 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 642cdae321 doc: command 'ftdi_layout_signal' can run after config 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 833a2a56f4 doc: do not document commands that are already deprecated 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 3ebcb62f9f doc: annotate configuration commands 2 years ago