19 Commits (0527d336a529b9d4f3617e49a59c3d97f6999aa7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Freddie Chopin 0527d336a5 Add missing files (header and .txt) for release. 9 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson f5e97b5e1b Add FTDI JTAG driver using MPSSE layer 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7572059832 stlink: remove superfluous stlink_usb.h 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 0eaa8e7db0 jtag: add opendous and estick support 9 years ago
  Jan Dakinevich 34d1f82c75 jtag: basic support for P&E Micro OSBDM (aka OSJTAG) adapter 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 737a52d7b2 build: fix automake 1.11.2 issues 10 years ago
  Mathias K 1d75eb25e0 ST-LINK USB initial release 10 years ago
  Mauro Gamba b302344779 libusb-1.0 support 10 years ago
  Richard Uhler 1411ad11c1 Implementation of a new jtag remote_bitbang driver. 10 years ago
  SimonQian 54fc164d3a versaloon driver update 10 years ago
  Martin Schmölzer 5141ab3e69 Include ULINK driver in src/jtag/drivers/Makefile.am 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 838cd58e24 build: add common.mk 11 years ago
  Michal Demin 24e1e3dd26 Add support for Bus Pirate as a JTAG adapter. 12 years ago
  Catalin Patulea 84dbf8ab5a Driver for USB-JTAG, Altera USB-Blaster and compatibles 12 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe eb1bc657ae build: add build/src to include path 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 822c06d9e3 remove tertiary include paths 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 896ac8d4ef allow #include directives to use module name 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 879a04cc6b remove #if HAVE_JTAG_INTERFACE_H from minidriver.h 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 865efd828a move jtag drivers to src/jtag/drivers 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 3a660e2293 add jtag/usb_common.[ch] files 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch cb7dbc1af4 split startup.tcl file across modules 12 years ago
  zwelch c2cecc74b0 Move JTAG interface list to new files. 12 years ago
  oharboe 8d8937f1a6 dummy driver now works under eCos 12 years ago
  zwelch 82aa9af1ad Improve use of automake conditionals for FTDI-based JTAG drivers: 12 years ago
  zwelch 0bc53e73cc Simplify JTAG automake input file: 12 years ago
  zwelch b8034bd9ee Rename jtag_driver.c as driver.c to remove duplicate name component. 12 years ago
  zwelch 00228aa839 Fix make maintainer-clean for out-of-tree builds. 12 years ago
  zwelch 66707c94d7 Split main jtag.c file into two layers: 12 years ago
  oharboe 3245a0cd5f update zy1000 to latest minidriver work 12 years ago
  zwelch 1419a72892 Move minidummy source file, as was supposed to happen in last commit. 12 years ago
  zwelch f84c78a2e1 Finish off the dummy minidriver integration: 12 years ago
  oharboe 14d6605cc9 minidriver build test driver "minidriver" 12 years ago
  zwelch 80d66c9fcb Move JTAG command handling implementation into its own source file. 12 years ago
  zwelch 4bc3af0374 Move JTAG command APIs into new jtag/commands.h header file. 12 years ago
  zwelch 4ecf2c7dd8 Move the JTAG cable interface API implementation 12 years ago
  zwelch def4ed3b2a Add private src/jtag/interface.h for use by JTAG interface drivers: 12 years ago
  zwelch a546729609 Add header file for JTAG minidriver: 12 years ago
  zwelch 34b6fc3ce4 Only include jtag_driver.c in the build when minidriver is not in use. 12 years ago
  zwelch a372074d21 Continue clean-up of JTAG driver interface: 12 years ago
  zwelch e8e0af3956 Whitespace-only updates to automake input files: 12 years ago
  zwelch 647e61cc6d Extend autotools build to create shared library libopenocd with libtool: 12 years ago
  zwelch 66add57aa5 Update autotools scripts to require automake 1.6. The configure.in script 12 years ago
  duane e211e4c6d2 Patch from Dimitar Dimitrov adding support for Olimex ARM-JTAG-EW 13 years ago
  kc8apf 93180753be Fix 'make maintainer-clean' courtesy of Zach Welch <zw@superlucidity.net> 13 years ago
  ntfreak a021735db4 - add missing bitq and rlink files to distribution 13 years ago
  duane 21eff7095c Added dongle VSLLINK - from Simon Qian 13 years ago
  duane f7274784a2 Build Permutations with ftd2xx and libftdi addressed. Also added a new se of regression makefiles to build openocd in multiple ways 13 years ago
  kc8apf 063f4c182c - rlink interface support from Lou Deluxe <lou.openocd012@fixit.nospammail.net> 13 years ago
  oharboe e127fb3a5a ZY1000 code 13 years ago
  oharboe 161deacc06 take path to eCos files from environment variable 13 years ago