4347 Commits (06e731185fdf9b9bffeff737b7609d5dc8e22bd6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Øyvind Harboe 230f0e9dc6 zy1000: fix crash in JTAG over TCP/IP 10 years ago
  Mauro Gamba e8d1da15c2 jlink libusb-1.0 driver. 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa 3d0e2547fe dsp5680xx - indent fix 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3ed7e793c8 libusb: Fix build issues under cygwin/mingw 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3500109fc7 gdb_server: use strndup to allocate debug messages 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 5165afc005 openocd.c: whitespace cleanup 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3dde0f47b2 binarybuffer: use strndup to allocate string 10 years ago
  James Zhao 4f4acc3669 Fix compile error when _DEBUG_GDB_IO_ is set 10 years ago
  Mathias K ea54ea5364 target init sanity check 10 years ago
  Evan Hunter ce3760c7e8 Add stack alignment support to RTOS awareness - needed for ARM ABI processors 10 years ago
  Evan Hunter 57cb28b484 Fix unused variables error in amt_jtagaccel 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa f80ef64858 dsp5680xx - match page erase with mass erase 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa 83be6cfc16 dsp5680xx - flash module clk to freescale cfg value 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa c725167ba8 dsp5680xx - mark erase after unlocking flash 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa e0c0810a8e dsp5680xx - fix jtag debug request failure handling 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa e2fdb1c864 dsp5680xx - separate debug from halt 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa 6461f7669a dsp5680xx - fix - flashing algorithm check 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa c460697b62 dsp5680xx - added more error codes 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa ea16bc578f dsp5680xx - fix jtag status mask 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa e6c3ab9df3 dsp5680xx - relocating code 10 years ago
  rodrigo_l_rosa b9346fbd64 dsp5680xx - error codes 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b462316699 target: fix init_targets script handling 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver dbf25984cd usbprog: fix shadowed declaration warning 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e224b64d70 scripts: notify user of deprecated jtag_* functions 10 years ago
  Mauro Gamba b302344779 libusb-1.0 support 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 88ca3aabfb flash: cleanup stm32f2x loader 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver de1fb8c6ac Revert "build: fix gcc 4.6.2 warnings" 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e1500a9c9d build: fix gcc 4.6.2 warnings 10 years ago
  Robert Pasz 280e1b334a presto: fix tms_sequence short issue 10 years ago
  Philip Nye e5e2408680 gdb: Potential rounding error in reg_packet_size gdb_get_registers_packet 10 years ago
  Philip Nye 950f240519 gdb: fix multi core gdb issue 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 2475e7b14c flash: match stm32f2x loader src name 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson a1f6b6612b stm32f1x: improve variable naming and avoid potential divide-by-zero 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 7af4ec859d bitq: make private functions static 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson ed13d3d3be bitq: reduce scope of variables 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson aef1fe6024 bitq: remove the remaining static variables 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 287ba1888b stm32f1x: add more asserts 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 9450da873c bitq: remove a static variable 10 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson d31803d3d9 bitq: remove dead code 10 years ago
  Tomas Frydrych a17907d106 kinetis flash: use longword write when writing into pflash 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut ffe969898f Add Tincantools Flyswatter2 support 10 years ago
  Aurelien Jacobs 67c3ad8c40 at91sam7: ensure probed flash bank has a name (fix a segfault) 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe a943ec1ca9 target: make it absolutely clear that no null pointers are accepted 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 9e1a16690e image: remove assignments to local variables that is never read 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe eac1bc55d2 ft2232: fix warning about assignment to local variable 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe fb5422261f svf: fix warnings 10 years ago
  Kyle Manna 87552bc1d3 ft2232: Set PWR_RST and LOOPBACK for xds100v2 10 years ago
  Attila Kinali 4c3a87c28f Work around silicon bug in the SAM3 family flash waitstates 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe b472c2f245 at91sam7: fix warnings by removing dead assignments 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 7d9d056eae buspirate: add missing error propagation 10 years ago