519 Commits (1231443b593cd8ea1e91aa476dfe4403f0402e2f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  oharboe 1231443b59 lpc2148 fixes from Edgar Grimberg 13 years ago
  ntfreak f8a117258a - added new device to luminary flash driver 13 years ago
  oharboe 95efa83ef5 Edgar's naming convention fixes. 13 years ago
  oharboe 06cdb3ad44 Edgar's added support for printing jtag_khz 13 years ago
  ntfreak 26414b39d4 - stm32x default to 128k if flash size failed. 13 years ago
  oharboe 1f4308ddc4 Edgar Grimberg added a new rule for target scripts. Flash + verify must succeed. 13 years ago
  ntfreak 8acafd1710 - updated cortex_m3 docs regarding luminary reset behaviour 13 years ago
  ntfreak f2e10a6050 - add cortex_m3 variant luminary to fix reset issue with asserting SRST 13 years ago
  ntfreak cab29a63de - added ARMV7_GDB_HACKS define to armv7m.h, enabling all gdb hacks to be enabled/disabled for testing 13 years ago
  ntfreak 6eb2264d56 - luminary flash now loader polls when finished 13 years ago
  oharboe aa7975df3d set communication speeds 13 years ago
  ntfreak 625e34918f - incorrect ram size for lm3s811 target script 13 years ago
  ntfreak 5d6c997b51 - change str9 flash controller to read array after a level 1 protect 13 years ago
  oharboe 1c50c0f3c7 wip instructions for building Cortex toolchain 13 years ago
  oharboe 2fdb19e918 make debug_level 3 useful again... the log just drowns. perhaps introduce debug_level 4? 13 years ago
  oharboe 9334cd451b Close dangling file handle 13 years ago
  ntfreak 040e254243 - added svn props for newly added files 13 years ago
  oharboe 6ef27f4534 Edgar's new test cases. 13 years ago
  oharboe 2b3492b0ef Edgar's new test cases. 13 years ago
  oharboe 831d41e750 Pavel Chromy's on chip flash loader 13 years ago
  ntfreak b3684491e8 - added svn props for newly added files 13 years ago
  ntfreak 96f47822fd - added svn props for newly added files 13 years ago
  oharboe f8701ea700 Tim Hudson contributed at91sam9260 target config files + some interface definitions. 13 years ago
  ntfreak 70bef9e2e0 - fix typo in openocd.texi 13 years ago
  oharboe 3ce7afc0da regions outside flash are now read/write nocache by default. GDB 6.8 would mark non-flash areas as inacessible by default. 13 years ago
  oharboe 26470de0e0 Tim Hudson: removed setting jtag_speed directly (which should not be done). 13 years ago
  oharboe 3ccbf48fcc fixed doc for GDB memory map and flash program defaults to follow code 13 years ago
  oharboe 6510be8b8b added fast option. 13 years ago
  oharboe 30dc76644d Andre Renaud support for the am29sl800db CFI flash chip (id: 0x0004, 0x226b). 13 years ago
  oharboe 1ad9179f3a wip on reporting bugs. 13 years ago
  oharboe 45d94f6af9 deleted obsolete stuff. 13 years ago
  ntfreak 41d070982c - added stm32 stick and luminary eval boards interface configs 13 years ago
  ntfreak 435c4b6aa2 - set lpc288x[ch] svn file props 13 years ago
  ntfreak ce8ed0e6e0 - set erase flag on sector 13 years ago
  oharboe ae75056742 Karl RobinSod <karl.robinsod@gmail.com> added lpc288x support. Some work remaining, committing for test/collaboration purposes. 13 years ago
  ntfreak 6cf3f38acf - update docs for flash write_image command 13 years ago
  ntfreak fddbc0c143 - flash.c change stricmp to strcmp 13 years ago
  mifi a7d76a4428 - added test results for r592 13 years ago
  oharboe fbad947731 retired auto_erase, added optional erase arg to flash write_image. 13 years ago
  drath da742a2d1c - Flash auto-erase is disabled by default 13 years ago
  oharboe fcf3b943d8 Enabled auto erase, gdb memory map and gdb flash programming by default. 13 years ago
  oharboe 4b19617f33 Nicolas Pitre fixed regression. 13 years ago
  oharboe dd5bc1f893 Edwin Olsen: improves breakpoint handling on cortex-m3 parts. Specifically, this patch allows expressions to be evaluated in GDB that contain function calls. 13 years ago
  oharboe a13764b5d0 fix for gaffe in 555 that stopped JTAG chain examine + validate from running. 13 years ago
  mifi 78489fb230 - added testing binaries 13 years ago
  ntfreak 598042fc7b - correct stm32stick config script 13 years ago
  oharboe c333611f2b Update Embedded ICE registers explicitly during target->type->examine() instead 13 years ago
  oharboe c9dfba1866 Edgar Grimberg added some missing scripts from the install 13 years ago
  oharboe 3aa95240ec fix SEGFAULT regression in cortex after TRST fixes 13 years ago
  oharboe 5295bb3121 - sw_bkpts fails if the target is not halted. The side effect is 13 years ago