573 Commits (34db6b9c0aaf048fe5ef81cccf2c645b9b4ac456)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Fertser de9ebc5ce6 tcl/target: make milandr configs swd-compatible 9 years ago
  Andrey Smirnov ba66b4c594 nrf51: Add UICR writing support 9 years ago
  Franck Jullien 3c954fbd89 cfg: or1k_generic: allow TAP_TYPE override 9 years ago
  Tim Sander 91a36fcf0a tcl: add Zynq-7000 target and Zedboard board configs 9 years ago
  Felipe Balbi 058163e32e cfg: add TI am43xx devices 9 years ago
  Jens Hoffmann 075c3f8fe2 cfg: Added st nucleo board configs. 9 years ago
  Felipe Balbi 3201a104fe tcl: target: icepick: add icepick_d_tapenable procedure 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 8d89373596 tcl/interface/ftdi: add Digilent JTAG-SMT2 config 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 0694bc652d cfg: change default SAM4L cortex_m reset_config 9 years ago
  Jörg Wunsch 122ec5fbe2 Make the Atmel SAM3 family SWD-aware 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser ae806d8f4e tcl/board: add config for DP Bus Blaster reconfiguration 9 years ago
  Bartosz Bielawski 4c9d6038b2 stlink_usb.c: add support for STLink V2-1 9 years ago
  Tim Kryger f91390f538 bcm281xx: Add bcm281xx SoC and bcm28155_ap board 9 years ago
  Tom Rini bbf26e886a interface/ftdi/xds100v2.cfg: Add another VID/PID, drop desc 9 years ago
  Tom Rini 36cbcb0cc9 cfg: Switch ti_beaglebone to new ftdi interface 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 8e44a9663d Add support for the Atmel SAMG53 9 years ago
  Andrey Smirnov 7e4fb97559 nrf51: Implement the support for Nordic's nRF51 devices 9 years ago
  Fatih Aşıcı 12b34414db cfg: Make stm32f4x usable with SWD transport 9 years ago
  Adrian Burns 1338cf60b9 quark_x10xx: add new target quark_x10xx 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser c83801d1fc interface/ftdi/xds100v2.cfg: default to reset state and ask user to release it later 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 698eaf9896 interface/ftdi: add TUMPA Lite config 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ebb71eb291 cfg: LPC17xx default to using SYSRESETREQ to reset target 9 years ago
  Franck Jullien 87e91f4db9 jtag/drivers: add USB-Blaster II 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e18c958e82 cfg: add Freescale FRDM-KL46Z Board 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 32eea3f68e Atmel samd: add support for SAMD21 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 215c41c017 add support for Atmel SAMD NOR Flash 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 9cabe333e1 add support for Atmel SAM4L NOR Flash 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 67f664a068 cfg: add initial Atmel xplained kit support 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver acc4bb83fd cfg: add stm32 cmsis-dap compliant config 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 4dc8cd201c cmsis-dap: add initial cmsis-dap support 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 416e79e24a tcl/netgear-dg834v3.cfg: add to easy firmware recovery list 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser c8161b013c tools: add firmware recovery helpers 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 302a3a8fed tcl/board: add Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 board config 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser faedb14772 tcl: add bcm47xx config and Asus RT-N16 board using it 9 years ago
  Robert P. J. Day 58aecca7b3 Update URLs and names in amdm37x.cfg, no functional changes. 9 years ago
  Franck Jullien bc256b17d5 jtag_vpi: make the server address configurable 9 years ago
  Alex Murray 6018406c78 target/imx6: Fix typo in setting _SJC_TAPID from SJC_TAPID variable 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser da7f048104 target: add kl25z HLA (stlink) config 9 years ago
  Sergey A. Borshch 03e9729043 at91sam7sx.cfg: fix use $_TARGETNAME as target identifier, not '0' warning 9 years ago
  Nemui Trinomius cd710ebac2 cfg: Add new BSTAPID for STM32F42xxx and STM32F43xxx series 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 871b34cf2c tcl/target: add config for Milandr's 1986ве1т controller 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser dc0e6eeea4 ftdi/neodb.cfg: mark as tested 9 years ago
  Sergio Chico 93a3a82e49 topic: Support for the Xilinx BSCAN_* Virtual JTAG in Openrisc 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 2d64cf92ae stm32lx_dual_bank.cfg: fix typo in file path 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 6accbb8baa add TI TMS570 support scripts 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser c044c60121 ftdi/tumpa.cfg: enable proper output buffer control, add another USB ID 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser b16a7f9f6e tcl: add memory testing functions for board diagnostics 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser d4e195ad1b Remove jtag_rclk from target configs 9 years ago
  Greg Ungerer b3a3d8312e armada370: initial support for Marvell Armada 370 family 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8994b075fc cfg: add STM32F429 discovery board config 9 years ago