3960 Commits (3ea9e62189205cfa84a04ec6955aaf1f5184a937)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Brownell 3ea9e62189 Documentation: mention bug database 14 years ago
  David Brownell e380930478 JLink: reference protocol documentation 14 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 709f08f17a CMD: duplicate cmd error msg 14 years ago
  Ethan Eade 8b049fdba5 scripts: Phytec/LPC2350 config scripts 14 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 95ed9c4393 JTAG: fix bug when no interface connected 14 years ago
  Harald Kipp 18969466c9 AT91R40008/Ethernut 3 configuration 14 years ago
  David Brownell 5750e899e0 NOR: User's Guide updates 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg cc440ca1d4 tcl/str7x: Reset init unlocks the flash 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg 503f6139c7 flash/str7x: After reset init the flash is unlocked 14 years ago
  Nicolas Pitre 3d2d5dcc9c ARM semihosting: fix EOF handling with SYS_READ 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg bef37ceba2 Test cases ran on v0.4.0-rc1 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 91e3268737 gdb: restore behavior from 0.3.1 for srst_asserted and power_restore 14 years ago
  David Brownell 82f2492138 ADIv5: more messaging cleanup, docs 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 02731cf78b build: fix problems with "struct stat" not being defined under eCos 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe f68dff6690 telnet: fix strage blank spaces at beginning of telnet lines 14 years ago
  David Brownell e11ce3e6b0 Subject: ADIv5: fix more diagnostics 14 years ago
  David Brownell 695666d294 ADIv5 error checking for Tcl commands 14 years ago
  David Brownell 46b6d5bfe6 ARM ADIv5: fix diagnostics for block writes 14 years ago
  David Brownell 3d3128a8f5 ADIv5: cleanup, rename swjdp_transaction_endcheck() 14 years ago
  David Brownell 2248c387f2 ARMv7-M: use command handler for "dap baseaddr". 14 years ago
  David Brownell 303b493c22 NOR: cleanup driver decls 14 years ago
  Alex Austin cd3017cffa Clang buildfixes 14 years ago
  David Brownell 804c0b2ad3 doc clarifications for server flags 14 years ago
  David Brownell 5dcf7898f6 ARM: reference DPM defn from v6/v7 arch spec 14 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 75cfda4cd1 ARM semihosting: win32 and cygwin fixes 14 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 465a06dfdc ARM semihosting: fix writing to stdout 14 years ago
  David Brownell 3172be80a3 Cortex-M3: report lockup, and recover 14 years ago
  David Brownell d44f1aaeff ARM ADIv5: messaging tweaks 14 years ago
  David Brownell 2b5c444a32 Cortex-A8: debug messaging tweaks 14 years ago
  David Brownell 30365886da various: don't mention wiki 14 years ago
  David Brownell 9e52957efc cygwin buildfix 14 years ago
  simon qian 33fc60befc SVF: all content between parentheses is one parameter 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg 1dad2ee602 core arm11: Silence logs at level 3 if there is no activity 14 years ago
  simon qian 9ff16575d2 SVF: insert space before '(' and after ')' 14 years ago
  David Brownell 718ee762e7 EmbeddedICE - fix Feroceon/Dragonite message 14 years ago
  David Brownell 82c3c47825 NEWS updates 14 years ago
  David Brownell b7fa16eeac ARM11: fix breakpoints with GDB 14 years ago
  David Brownell 4960c9018f Various doc/comment updates 14 years ago
  David Brownell 08b0be94b5 User's Guide secton on target hardware setup 14 years ago
  David Brownell f06148612b ADIv5 header cleanup (+ #defines) 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 98f7c2127b target: print reason why GDB halts 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg dfba7fa949 interface: Changed parport address to LPT1 14 years ago
  Edgar Grimberg bc088b302b target: Fixed format problem for mdh 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 1350b6aad0 gdb_server: handle stepi/continue packet while target is running with more grace 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 60cb5bdd30 ecos: add missing PRId8 definition 14 years ago
  Spencer Oliver dbecb13b24 BUILD: remove cygwin gcc 3.4.4 build warnings 14 years ago
  David Brownell 2a0c9b08d7 Cortex-M3 vector_catch testing support 14 years ago
  David Brownell 22d25e6921 board configs -- unique names for flash chips 14 years ago
  David Brownell 6f2b88448f gdb_server: correctly report flash sector sizes 14 years ago
  Michael Grzeschik d036f17001 tcl/target/at91sam3u4e.cfg: changed case in dependent file 14 years ago