8884 Commits (4307d93eb00ac27373c62f08b8547b993b66fe82)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Fertser 4307d93eb0 Restore normal development cycle 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser f342aac084 The openocd-0.11.0 release 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 5f3bc3b279 tcl/target/eos_s3: fix variable's expansion typo 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 23d8831391 target: avoid polling during 'resumed' event handler 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo ba0f382137 autotools: generate list of NEWS-xx file during configure 1 year ago
  Peter Mamonov 54ef790149 target: use proper macro for parsing watchpoint address 1 year ago
  Krzysztof Hockuba 84a2302af7 Fix jtag_usb_location_equal for path members > 9 1 year ago
  Yasushi SHOJI f68ade529a doc/manual: Fix function name typo 1 year ago
  Yasushi SHOJI 8a2f2993da doc/manual: Fix @subpage handling 1 year ago
  Yasushi SHOJI 992508cb80 doc: Fix type in Hooking up the JTAG Adapter 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 3ead2633af github: fix github wokflow while pushing a tag 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 427552c078 steppenprobe: fix file permission 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser 5c17ce508e Restore +dev suffix 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser a5e526d857 The openocd-0.11.0-rc2 release candidate 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 6643b145dc README: add missing items for 0.11 1 year ago
  Bohdan Tymkiv 090209275b jlink: fix device discovery when network is off 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser 047df63018 README.macOS: explain how to install suitable Texinfo 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo bd1adcffe7 configure: drop macro 'AC_HEADER_TIME' 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 8b7569c219 configure.ac: drop macro 'AC_PROG_CC_C99' from autoconf 2.70 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 0b248e04c1 driver/ftdi: skip trst in swd mode 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 2dc9c1df81 cortex_m: [FIX] ARMv8-M does not support VECTRESET 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 404993b29f target/riscv: fix build error with -Werror=maybe-uninitialized 1 year ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 310c9800c7 flash/stmqspi: fix build error with -Werror=maybe-uninitialized 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo aaa6110d9b doc/manual/primer/autotools.txt: fix doxygen warning 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 7e64e5a895 openocd: fix doxygen parameters of functions 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 4cf5ab614b openocd: fix incorrect doxygen comments 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 02bd67db3f Doxyfile.in: exclude libjaylink from doxygen 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo fa476daa60 doc/manual/primer/jtag.txt: remove duplicated section name 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo f94495154d Doxyfile.in: fix build out-of-tree 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo a16e8ba455 flash/nor/max32xxx: fix path of include file 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo f83c2b0c7c doc/style: fix doxygen error 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 3fbcb26f98 udev: fix permission for Ambiq Micro EVK's 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo c1270bcb38 target: fix memory leak on multiple '-gdb-port' flag 1 year ago
  Jiri Kastner e22198c152 contrib: udev file for Cypress SuperSpeed Explorer kit 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo d4bf207566 Makefile.am: fix override of target 'check-recursive' 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser f67d7a3c48 contrib: rpc_examples: haskell: fix ftbs with current libraries 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser b5098754cf doc: fix over/underfull hboxes in PDF 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo cc79bcd587 configure.ac: fix build with libusb0 and without libusb1 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser 2c82d9ea7d configure: do not make Capstone dependency automagic 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo c69b4deae3 gdb_server: fix HW thread status at gdb attach 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 7f74906c2d gdb_server: minor fix for indentation 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 433e37f02f rtos/hwthread: fix register list for armv7a 1 year ago
  Jiri Kastner 6090390a23 tcl/target/rk3308.cfg: add defer-examine 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo ed73398eb0 cortex-a: fix reset on dapdirect transports 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 722f579706 armv7m_trace: stop getting traces from adapter at exit 1 year ago
  Jonathan McDowell 88592cc1a1 LICENSES: Update GFDL invariant text to match official wording 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 4fc0f3530c Makefile.am: fix non-POSIX warning from automake 1 year ago
  Luca Lindhorst 4bc8fd24fb Correct warning message 1 year ago
  Paul Fertser 0dd3b7fa6c Restore +dev suffix 1 year ago
  Antonio Borneo 77f468893e The openocd-0.11.0-rc1 release candidate 2 years ago