11 Commits (557cafcc70a75a226fd001d24215d04eab7e8efa)

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  zwelch 0682afece8 Uwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de>: Make ICEbear look like other targets 13 years ago
  zwelch 851f9b2d6c Add udev rules for USB ICEbear interface. 13 years ago
  oharboe 5df0a88e01 eol-style native 13 years ago
  oharboe 843023f9ff Uwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de> Update udev file 13 years ago
  duane e211e4c6d2 Patch from Dimitar Dimitrov adding support for Olimex ARM-JTAG-EW 13 years ago
  kc8apf 3b4d5ae050 Add udev rules to contrib. Courtesy of Uwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de> 13 years ago
  oharboe 0c160046d7 Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@gmail.com> - now compiles 14 years ago
  ntfreak a5806d21d2 - remove build warnings from mips_m4k.c and arm11.c 14 years ago
  oharboe eadd49bef0 Signed-off-by: Frederik Kriewitz <frederik@kriewitz.eu> libdcc bugfixes + trace point function 14 years ago
  ntfreak 8bf24de7b3 - added info about libftdi support under win32 14 years ago
  ntfreak 37d850564f - contrib directory added 14 years ago