698 Commits (5a3712072f995567ea1aa11fcce25b3158c2f9bf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  oharboe 5a3712072f Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com 16 years ago
  oharboe 44928321e6 Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> and Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  ntfreak 6af107855d - reverted resume_target to old behaviour 16 years ago
  oharboe a5914d0152 Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com bin2char does not need to be installed as part of openocd 16 years ago
  oharboe 3287b8661d Fixes to \ and / handling for OpenOCD 16 years ago
  oharboe ffe9257a17 flash_banks now follow OpenOCD scripting API rules 16 years ago
  oharboe f806c8deab print out jim error message stack trace in expected order(look at any C++ or Java debugger for instance). 16 years ago
  oharboe cb90c97f33 do not print jim tcl error message trace for ERROR_COMMAND_CLOSE_CONNECTION 16 years ago
  oharboe d0eef63f68 print syntax for command upon syntax error. 16 years ago
  oharboe 396d73ad0c better error messages for target event scripts. 16 years ago
  oharboe 8766d39617 feeble beginnings for tcl api rules. 16 years ago
  ntfreak b979c22bcc - stm32 flash driver correctly handles early silicon 16 years ago
  oharboe acce2bcccb Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> 16 years ago
  ntfreak 696a20fea4 - remove unused objcopy from configure.in 16 years ago
  ntfreak 1edd0e6822 - added svn props for newly added files 16 years ago
  oharboe 766b0ca8ac Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> - hopefully final word on startup.tcl => c conversion 16 years ago
  oharboe 6956527849 Duane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> fix to tcl puts 16 years ago
  ntfreak de6acb2d36 - fix issue when building in separate build dir 16 years ago
  ntfreak 2e832a399a - remove requirement for file2c.tcl 16 years ago
  oharboe cebfbfa661 testing/*.tcl sample & test code 16 years ago
  oharboe a65255a06d testing/*.tcl sample & test code 16 years ago
  oharboe 173a43ff15 help is now implemented in startup.tcl/help 16 years ago
  ntfreak 76dec044c0 - configure check added for tclsh 16 years ago
  oharboe 94966bf2e3 search help text too 16 years ago
  oharboe b06f254b24 Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com 16 years ago
  oharboe e04f0142ee tcl_help prettier output. 16 years ago
  oharboe 69c6f1f7ea work in progress to improve help 16 years ago
  oharboe c5b718f5e8 - retired variable stuff. 16 years ago
  oharboe 381f9a2e8a .cfg files are now executed as Jim Tcl. Commands that terminate script w/error message. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 0f2dfabd3b - added svn props for newly added files 16 years ago
  oharboe 348bc74af4 working notes. 16 years ago
  oharboe efc6063df8 startup.tcl (former commands.tcl) is now embedded into OpenOCD executable. 16 years ago
  oharboe 2b3f4fd293 Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> 16 years ago
  oharboe 2858a9f740 - added search paths before running tcl/commands.tcl. 16 years ago
  oharboe 5a2b824b26 fix quoting problem when handling OpenOCD commands. 16 years ago
  oharboe bfa8c1b321 SEGFAULT fix for syntax error. 16 years ago
  oharboe 313547ddd6 very slight cleanup of flash banks handling. 16 years ago
  oharboe 92beb99bf7 improve error messages a little bit. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 0edbe9145c - adding missing install entry for luminary-libftdi.cfg 16 years ago
  oharboe 66410d2537 "flash banks" is now implemented in Tcl on top of "flash_banks". openocd_throw prefix is no longer required when executing OpenOCD commands from tcl. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 525de2ed3d - added luminary libftdi interface config 16 years ago
  ntfreak a6a65f17f3 - only check normal resume, not debug resume 16 years ago
  oharboe 077131854e added flash_banks low level command. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 876297c25c - target_resume is now synchronous with 5sec timeout 16 years ago
  oharboe f0f5157e09 tcl regression fixes. 16 years ago
  oharboe 74d4cf8ee3 * src/jim.c: remove bogus return value from if {[expr]} {xx} when 16 years ago
  ntfreak 6ed75d476e - removed target_process_events as only used in handle_resume_command and events will be called anyway by poll 16 years ago
  ntfreak 46b3e72528 - fix pre_resume script not being called 16 years ago
  ntfreak 31e2500259 - apply correct formatting to openocd.c 16 years ago
  oharboe 9103bbbcb5 reset event is synonym for post_reset event. 16 years ago