6798 Commits (5fa41168dd144a550a7c4a4961738204198cde5d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jiri Kastner 5fa41168dd target/ti_tms570.cfg: added several JTAG IDs for TMS570LS family 9 years ago
  Alex Ray a1719e0048 TI TMS570 USB Kit board config 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser 528197ba2c rtos/mqx: prevent crash with -rtos auto 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 68101e67ac target/cortex_a: examination should be done every time it's asked for 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser f7f9a37fa6 target: try to reexamine even when polling fails 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 0d50dfe318 rtos: fix print format specifiers 8 years ago
  Simon Qian 2d4ae3f4c8 configure the SWD frequency when setting adapter speed in SWD mode for versaloon 8 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 2cf48d2c79 flash: at91samd: add SAML21 support, fix part ID issue 8 years ago
  Uwe Bonnes 4ed3a1efa2 stlink_usb.c: Decode some more errors. 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 03b72c367c flash/nor/mdr: add docs, remove memory leak on probe() 8 years ago
  Marc Schink 14040c7a57 flash: efm32: Add support for EZR32LG and EZR32WG. 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8d86633eb7 docs: update OpenOCD url's to openocd.org domain 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 788bdb49fd cmsis-dap: print vendor and product id on open failure 8 years ago
  Mahavir Jain ebbc9cb86c doc/openocd.texi: fix formatting for mrvlqspi driver documentation 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 68921d2316 tcl/target/stm32f3: fix reset init for stlink 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser e7e1396578 contrib/itmdump: add a hack to allow direct dumping of specific SWIT, fix timestamp 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 5387d616a3 Fix several format specifiers errors exposed by arm-none-eabi 8 years ago
  Felipe Balbi da7b65a93b board: ti_am43xx_evm: remove xds100v2 interface 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 9dfb58e802 rtos: add instructions and helper code to make FreeRTOS work again 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 6b2887e16a FreeRTOS: Make optional symbols optional 8 years ago
  Tomas Vanek f3b1405fdd AT91SAM4L: handle reset run/halt in SMAP 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser bdfd5bbe04 target/arm_adi_v5, cortex_m: retry ahbap_debugport_init few times in case of an error 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 13ac3d556c target/cortex_a: emit a clear error message when dbgbase can't be detected 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser eaa6d8f839 flash/nor/lpc2000: free allocated working area when target_write fails 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 20a077eadb jtag/adi_v5_jtag: fix infinite recursion in jtagdp_transaction_endcheck() 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser cf77040e1e flash/nor/lpc2000: properly free working area used in get_lpc2000_part_id() 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser e51d591641 jtag/startup.tcl: fix regression with autoselecting JTAG 8 years ago
  Richard Braun 7090edc813 ChibiOS: fix crash on auto detection 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 19f219f731 Tcl exception codes cleanup, shutdown command amendments 8 years ago
  Juha Niskanen 33bb0fe619 helper: shutdown command should return with 0 exit status 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser 20fcd0729e jtag/tcl: fix incorrect memcpy in jim_newtap_expected_id 8 years ago
  Uwe Bonnes 2175bb149a turtelizer2-revC: Tested with real hardware. 8 years ago
  Nemui Trinomius 1cd3fdf2f6 lpc2000: Removed cmd51_can_xxxxb variables. 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber 39a7085d36 tcl/board: Add Infineon XMC 2Go config 8 years ago
  Patrick Noffke 282bc28a6e Added Atmel SAM4SA16C chip (chip ID 0x28a70ce0). 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber e8aa3524d2 tcl/board: Add Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit config 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber a5844ace23 tcl/target: Add Infineon XMC1000 family target config 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber aee1b1d570 tcl/board: Add Spansion SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC config 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber fd23fb4c6e tcl/target: Add Spansion FM4 config 8 years ago
  Ed Beroset daf9bcf77f startup: Fixed measure_clk to return kHz instead of MHz. 8 years ago
  Ed Beroset 7a7086e644 em357: Corrected EM357 support including errata details 8 years ago
  Uwe Kleine-König e968fd1895 Cortex-A: Don't flush the data/unified cache if MMU is off 8 years ago
  Evan Hunter 0836a0fa21 RTOS: Add logging to FreeRTOS and general RTOS 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser d06b09595b tcl/interface/parport: default to sane value on non-windows systems 8 years ago
  Paul Fertser ea85ed98be jtag/core: honour SRST timings in SWD mode 8 years ago
  Jeff Ciesielski 7407046e3d tcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4500 Relax Kit config 8 years ago
  Jeff Ciesielski 58aee57883 tcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4200 Application Kit config 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber df22965783 tcl/board: Add Infineon XMC4500 Application Kit configs 8 years ago
  Andreas Färber c048d1f7b1 tcl/target: Add Infineon XMC4000 family config 8 years ago
  Felipe Balbi b1f3e89970 tcl: icepick: add icepick_d_set_coreid 8 years ago