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  Antonio Borneo 7c5acf8660 whitespace cleanup, mostly for docs 12 years ago
  zwelch 4eb2e50e4d Archive released NEWS file: NEWS -> NEWS-0.2.0 13 years ago
  zwelch 1930e08b99 Add NEWS file for the 0.2.0 release. 13 years ago
  ntfreak 4272b1989d - fix typo's 14 years ago
  oharboe f8c133dfc5 Removed some obsolete stuff + Pushing things in the direction of openocd.texi 14 years ago
  ntfreak 9e5a6679ca - added svn props 14 years ago
  bodylove d7aec2f1e3 [MERGE] Merged all remaining changes between trunk and xscale big-endian branch. 14 years ago
  drath 8b4e882a16 - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 16 years ago