9 Commits (8f944fc22648da0f6d4d6114d7a9e45c794f70a1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dbrownell b1f7b35983 Change version labels to work better with GIT 13 years ago
  ntfreak ca8c6cf430 - guess-rev.sh now works as expected when build_dir is not the same as src_dir 14 years ago
  ntfreak ae76a671b5 - revert guess-rev.sh to using bash 14 years ago
  kc8apf ded2e16b35 Fix guess-rev.sh where the builtin echo doesn't support -n 14 years ago
  ntfreak 855a64d3ae - make guess-rev.sh work with msys 14 years ago
  oharboe 54196f7673 Pavel Chromy fix: the guess-rev.sh scripts to retrieve SVN revision returns the result including new line 15 years ago
  bodylove 04c9ae76a7 - Synced code with branch 15 years ago
  bodylove db3d66f951 - Eleminated leading tabs/white space 15 years ago
  bodylove 78d58dd16a Changed openocd version info creation to be more useful. 15 years ago