5674 Commits (8f944fc22648da0f6d4d6114d7a9e45c794f70a1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Anders 43d4ae4763 pandaboard: add initial TCL support for pandaboard-es 10 years ago
  David Anders 28c0f2befc omap4460: add initial TCL support for the omap4460 es1.0 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7e2fb7ce9a cfg: add stm32f0discovery board config 10 years ago
  Uwe Hermann b6068f5a48 Glyn Tonga2: Faster JTAG speed after CPU/RAM init. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3c270bb0a9 stlink: correctly format printed hex addresses 10 years ago
  Mathias K d90eb2b93d STM32L: Write partial-page flash data after full-page data 10 years ago
  Stephane Bonnet 57dce9560a ft2232: Support for Digilent HS1 USB adapter 10 years ago
  Wjatscheslaw Stoljarski (Slawa) 108a458ab8 cfg: add icnova_imx53_sodimm board config 10 years ago
  Wjatscheslaw Stoljarski (Slawa) e3b3273433 cfg: add imx53loco board config 10 years ago
  Antonio Borneo f1e59308d1 contrib/openocd.udev: fix warning 10 years ago
  Simon Widmer fad7240689 Support for KaRo TX25 CPU Module on a StarterkitV base board 10 years ago
  Simon Qian 7743e0fb43 topic: add reset functions for SWD 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver a2935397b4 doxygen: remove warnings 10 years ago
  Salvador e2535e7901 Finish off functions mips32_pracc_read_mem16() and mips32_pracc_read_mem8() 10 years ago
  Salvador 18e6e02cdc Minor bug fixes in Mips32 code 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver a6cf60c9c2 docs: add gerrit server url 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 2c25ab4588 docs: remove unused primer ref 10 years ago
  Ulf Samuelsson 8e5ea23201 tools/initial.sh 10 years ago
  Uwe Hermann 1748aab2c9 Initial config for the Voltcraft DSO-3062C. 10 years ago
  Wim Lewis d40cb56d49 Add value "openbsd" for ocd_HOSTOS. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver d1a6dfbb87 jimtcl: update to version 0.73 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 738e259d59 armv7m: fix broken stlink build 10 years ago
  Mathias K 90ea965fca stm32: Update register read/write to the register definition. 10 years ago
  Mathias K 861df4574d armv7m: detect floating point feature 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8cb4fc1420 build: correctly quote m4 parameters 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 067ac78b61 cfg: add support for STM3220G-EVAL onboard STLINK 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e9976aa3a8 cfg: add STM32F4x and STM3241G-EVAL config files 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 4e31b87943 scripts: use adapter_nsrst_delay not deprecated jtag_nsrst_delay 10 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 90d33c5c87 Added tcl config scripts for SAM3A/X targets and devboard 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver d26098b664 docs: update release docs to use configure.ac 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 222afb3d0e tools: update release scripts to use configure.ac 10 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo c68a267ee1 topic: Flash support for Pic32mx1xx/2xx 10 years ago
  Chris Morgan 8fc35a696f Create a init_board procedure for the ea dev board. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 4aa63d59bd transport: remove interface multiple transport warning 10 years ago
  Salvador 1274df07f1 Bug in src/target/mips32_pracc.c 10 years ago
  Mathias K f1c0133321 Add warn message if no flash bank found for the current image address. 10 years ago
  Mathias K b0cab3d809 gdb_server: Simple close the connection and not exit openocd. 10 years ago
  Mathias K 0ba480d924 gdb_server: Fix wrong index/length compare. 10 years ago
  Paul Fertser e26d076190 rtos: add sanity checking for FreeRTOS's quantity of priorities 10 years ago
  Paul Fertser fe11baeebb rtos: fix segfault in FreeRTOS handling 10 years ago
  Alexandre Pereira da Silva 7151398cff stlink: fix alignment build warning 10 years ago
  Mathias K 4a29a4a86d gdb_server: sanity check the gdb register size 10 years ago
  Mathias K 5d02d2de43 armv7m: Add a dummy register at the end of the register list. 10 years ago
  Mathias K dbb8de15e3 stm32: Add floating point register read/write. 10 years ago
  Mathias K e2073cc18a stm32: determine all cpu types and use common examine 10 years ago
  Mathias K 6f5b9e9304 flash: Fix flash write algorithm on pflash only devices. 10 years ago
  Mathias K cfdfe5119d Automatically prepend v1 mass storage protocol. 10 years ago
  Drasko DRASKOVIC 8e198e9471 mips: Forced to running state to enable (subsequent) target halt. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 35e7377160 cfg: correct pic32mx config typo's 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 39650e2273 ecosboard: delete bit-rotted eCos code 10 years ago