744 Commits (91a16a38101821ed8813de753a0624f892cd669c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  oharboe 91a16a3810 Better handling of OpenOCD command invocation result/context. 16 years ago
  oharboe 06d501a192 wait 500ms for target to halt upon connect. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 1c92ff6a04 - comment about dummy ack '+' char from gdb 16 years ago
  ntfreak 65b4c4117d - fix typo in jtag_add_end_state 16 years ago
  ntfreak bf58fe6509 - fix typo 16 years ago
  oharboe a332b4e8c4 fix <memory> is missing upon gdb connect warning when no flash is defined for target. 16 years ago
  oharboe 2637bbccaf handle end of line comments to improve compatibility with event scripts 16 years ago
  ntfreak be00c7d0c4 - more fixes to high density stm32x flash driver 16 years ago
  ntfreak dad28d0659 - fix bug with stm32 high density write protection 16 years ago
  ntfreak c77b785505 - add missing quotes from CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD 16 years ago
  oharboe 7ccfcdea0b Spen: startup.tcl cross compile support 16 years ago
  oharboe 6e5416106e Only print out gobs of information to log when -d3 is enabled. 16 years ago
  oharboe 81bf9c6255 very slightly improved error message for not being able to find scripts 16 years ago
  oharboe d0f32d0ed5 restart is a per-target action 16 years ago
  oharboe fa33b32903 Allows config scripts to override handling of 'R'(restart) GDB packet. 16 years ago
  oharboe 25b0e4e0d5 jim license cleanup 16 years ago
  oharboe 265e4e121a update jtag_speed/khz docs a bit. 16 years ago
  oharboe dfbb9f3e89 - jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These are used 16 years ago
  oharboe c1ee650a9a cross compile fix 16 years ago
  oharboe c4c1776a09 use reset init explicitly before "load". 16 years ago
  oharboe 25572d2e48 Duane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> stm32 peripherals scripts 16 years ago
  oharboe 97cc3e0dc8 Michael Kurz <michi.kurz@googlemail.com> MX29LV800B non-cfi flash. 16 years ago
  oharboe 495f257980 BUG: prefix to timeout for gdb keep alive packets. 16 years ago
  ntfreak 2341c99e20 - added svn props for newly added files 16 years ago
  oharboe 94efc64709 Duane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> - script commands for stm32 16 years ago
  oharboe 577972a51d Ben Bodley <ben@teknique.com> non-CFI compliant flash (AMIC A29L800A) 16 years ago
  oharboe dbd6cede00 Duane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> 16 years ago
  oharboe 6c0553c8c5 openocd@duaneellis.com fix naming confusion. Use ocd_ prefix for ocd API consistently. 16 years ago
  oharboe 42501f0ef0 throw exception upon syntax error. 16 years ago
  ntfreak b78f488d63 - updated texi for removed daemon_startup command 16 years ago
  oharboe e852c61bb3 clarify error message w.r.t. not being able to set breakpoint 16 years ago
  oharboe 2cac9c333f daemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding "init" and "reset halt/init/run" to the end of the config file/openocd command line. 16 years ago
  oharboe 310300261b This allows overriding builtin openocd commands. 16 years ago
  oharboe 2249f58946 remove obsolete reset_mode 16 years ago
  oharboe 35e84a2a25 "reset" without arguments now execute a "reset run". 16 years ago
  ntfreak 2c3f0ebae9 - remove build warning from keep_alive 16 years ago
  ntfreak 60ba4476df - fix incorrectly registered function openocd_array2mem 16 years ago
  oharboe 722fcb8d61 resume is now asynchronous 16 years ago
  oharboe 0470a9652b keep_alive() fix for reset warnings. 16 years ago
  oharboe 94e75e0c06 1. GDB will print cryptic error messages if it is not fed keep-alive packets 16 years ago
  oharboe 7648d6b287 Duane Ellis <openocd@duaneellis.com> more interface files. 16 years ago
  oharboe 679592d42e Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> move tcl stuff nearer to where it belongs. 16 years ago
  oharboe b504e11abe added missing "reset+load" sequence. 16 years ago
  oharboe 8a14a72f57 Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> move jim into helper 16 years ago
  oharboe 0ebb33b185 Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com Instead of stashing the context in a global variable, just use the "context" 16 years ago
  oharboe 5fefa83d07 Collect output from openocd commands into openocd_output local variable 16 years ago
  oharboe 5a3712072f Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com 16 years ago
  oharboe 44928321e6 Charles Hardin <ckhardin@gmail.com> and Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  ntfreak 6af107855d - reverted resume_target to old behaviour 16 years ago
  oharboe a5914d0152 Charles Hardin ckhardin at gmail.com bin2char does not need to be installed as part of openocd 16 years ago