1 Commits (993fe4ab633eff4f04dd63e4751ccc2a6ea2d52e)

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  zwelch a6f7ca1a3a Properly fix doxygen out-of-tree build process: 14 years ago
  zwelch b3a8f5dc2a Include the PATCHES file in Doxygen developer manual. 14 years ago
  zwelch 7d96440435 Change doxygen configuration to show code comments in documentation. 14 years ago
  zwelch 23fd80f2b6 Update BUGS file, adapting its content for the doxygen manual. 15 years ago
  zwelch c102397e9f Update Doxyfile to build The List into the doxygen manual. 15 years ago
  zwelch 624aa80f84 Commit skeleton files for high-level developer manual using doxygen. 15 years ago
  zwelch f8e31c2dc1 Update Doxyfile configuration for doxygen 1.5.8: 15 years ago
  kc8apf 6c0e48248a Doxygen config file 15 years ago