21 Commits (a8d302f9abe6bbb5daceafaeae7cdb1804d14d59)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Colin Helliwell 13618ab994 at91sam4 Flash: Added identification of atsam4n's 7 years ago
  Evan Hunter a769be6b9c flash : Add support for Atmel at91sam4sa16b 7 years ago
  Patrick Noffke 282bc28a6e Added Atmel SAM4SA16C chip (chip ID 0x28a70ce0). 8 years ago
  Jörg Wunsch 03b1905223 flash: add AT91SAM4SD16C device 8 years ago
  Thomas Schmid 61de77ef88 at91sam4: Adding support for the AT91SAM4S4A. 8 years ago
  Marco Cruz 02f5abddb9 flash/nor/at91sam4: add SAM4E16 support 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 565f8481c7 flash: Constify write buffer 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 8e44a9663d Add support for the Atmel SAMG53 9 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson ba2fbe2247 Remove unnecessary casts 9 years ago
  Paul Fertser f132fcf636 Clean up many C99 integer types format specifiers 9 years ago
  Thomas Schmid e3229bdfbb sam4s flash: fix PLLA frequency calculation if diva > 1 9 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky a58f294ac4 sam4s flash: remove unused bootstrap routine 9 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson cbf4760e15 flash/nor: Make info function optional 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 08d4411b59 update files to correct FSF address 9 years ago
  Peter Dietzsch 665ac60ef0 flash: Added support for at91sam4sd32c 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 443197aff0 flash: fix at91sam3/4 driver typos 10 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 5952843fc5 Modified Sector Erase for AT91SAM4S 10 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 24a1e7b0fc Changed SAM4S Erase for effective Sector erase 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 908ee4dc96 build: remove clang unused variable assignment warnings 11 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 85735925c7 build: remove clang unused variable increments warnings 11 years ago
  Olivier Schonken d1cd97777b topic: Added support for the SAM4S variants 11 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 736e8bb773 topic: Added support for the SAM3X/A variants 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali 4b4ce4f27e SAM3: Remove unused reference to SUPC registers 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali 9e137265de SAM3: Add missing architecture names for SAM3S and SAM3N 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali 00937cd049 SAM3S: correct flash sector sizes. 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali cea4842207 Fix assert to check flash programming offset 11 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 9f0cba528a build: cleanup src/flash/nor directory 11 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 2a34cc8eb6 cmd: add missing usage var 11 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 5f83378a9c build: remove unused variables 11 years ago
  Mathias K 16b6b5e7a8 Change return value on error. 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali 4c3a87c28f Work around silicon bug in the SAM3 family flash waitstates 11 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 00c8648351 at91sam3: fix warnings 11 years ago
  Attila Kinali 2f6bdac60a Add the SAM3N familly to the chip_details table 11 years ago
  olivier Schonken 8292b1b5cd Fix Sam3u flash bank 1 issue 11 years ago
  Olivier Schonken ac6f8f9616 at91sam3: Modified cidr comparisson to ignore version bits 12 years ago
  Uwe Hermann 33a17fd359 Fix a bunch of typos. 12 years ago
  Thomas Schmid 4df93cb95f Fixed small mistakes in at91sam3 info command 12 years ago
  Eric Wetzel 0535531d27 nit: more LOG_* \n fixes 12 years ago
  Eric Wetzel a665ef716a nit: do not add \n at end of LOG_ERROR 12 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe eea91f71f9 warning: fix warning where GCC didn't catch a doubly declared global structure 12 years ago
  Antonio Borneo d213e1a12c FLASH/NOR: Remove useless file at91sam3.h 12 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe f6a3fc818b warnings: fix alignment warnings 12 years ago
  Olaf Lüke 2986320cde at91sam3s* support 12 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 984bf15821 nor/at91sam3: replace helper membuf 12 years ago
  Antonio Borneo bc8be110ff NOR: add read() callback to struct flash_driver 13 years ago
  Spencer Oliver a851ce0d6f ARMv7M: use software breakpoints for algorithms 13 years ago
  David Brownell 303b493c22 NOR: cleanup driver decls 13 years ago
  David Brownell 1c5c57ec8e src/flash/nor: usage/help/doc updates 13 years ago
  Zachary T Welch d9dc604a4d remove target.h from flash.h 13 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 2b2d5ec1e3 change #include "flash.h" to <flash/flash.h> 13 years ago