6589 Commits (a9a5c17cf5e1f55310aa218f178997f090304172)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Fertser a9a5c17cf5 checkpatch: fix check for the FSF address 7 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 1e23496f6e jtag: Remove unnecessary global variable 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 9330147fae jtag: Fix memory leaks in jtag_tap_free() 8 years ago
  Karl Palsson c3ec1940b5 stm32l: split l0/l1 support no jtag, different HSI settings 7 years ago
  Juha Niskanen 12b41a3409 stm32: Fix L0/1xx CPUTAPID setting and add new L1xx BSTAPIDs 7 years ago
  Uwe Bonnes 9c4d294654 tcl/target/stm32f4: ramp up JTAG speed, HSI is 16MHz there 7 years ago
  Uwe Bonnes 41a968ec05 tcl/target/stm32f4x: add F401 and F411 IDs 7 years ago
  Grigori Goronzy c4b52f8fd7 lpc2000: ignore status of part ID IAP command 7 years ago
  Antony Pavlov 4525c0a4c4 checkpatch.pl: check for the FSF mailing address 7 years ago
  Antony Pavlov 9777284ae0 or1k: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 7 years ago
  Antony Pavlov c5d8988316 checkpatch.pl: check for openocd tree, not for kernel tree 7 years ago
  Antony Pavlov f16b7a6d7e mips32: fix typos 7 years ago
  Alexei Colin fd25b3bcd1 doc: flash: write_image writes only loadable sections 7 years ago
  Christian Gudrian f83e1dc13f Added FPU support for ChibiOS/RT 7 years ago
  Christian Gudrian 8b99681346 rtos: add support for ChibiOS/RT 3.0 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser 6d562283b5 rtos: allow symbols to be optional for a particular RTOS 7 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 08607aefc0 flash: at91samd: fix use of is_erased in check 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser 921eb4213a jtag/drivers/jlink: implement register command to fix SWD 7 years ago
  Thomas Schmid 61de77ef88 at91sam4: Adding support for the AT91SAM4S4A. 7 years ago
  Anders 1662c854e2 flash/nor/lpcspifi.c: fix bug that prevented clean reset after flash write 7 years ago
  Uwe Bonnes 2162ca72ef Hacking: Some note how to review. 7 years ago
  Nemui Trinomius 78cad16187 lpc2000: Added LPC1500 series flash programming support. 7 years ago
  Jim Paris a59e8058e7 nrf51: fix checks for is_erased 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 56802d794e nrf51: verify that UICR needs erasing before triggering an error about it 7 years ago
  Jim Paris f30bb58644 nrf51: fix UICR erase 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 6412b0656b nrf51: fix UICR region size 7 years ago
  Peter Lawrence 30203b3d8b arm_adi_v5: added two CoreSight peripheral IDs 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser cbb797bdcc tcl/interface/ftdi/swd-resistor-hack: clarify and add schematic diagram 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 885f438814 cmsis-dap: add serial number support 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ef02315de3 cmsis-dap: refactor HID PID/VID check loop 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver c7de02d619 build: make makeinfo optional 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 1ea25b85bb cfg: remove incorrect execute permissions 7 years ago
  Rémi PRUD'HOMME 832f0a5bfb stm32: add mass erase support for STM32L 7 years ago
  Rémi PRUD'HOMME b55ca1ad27 stm32: Add config file for a new board STM32L052 dsicovery 7 years ago
  Rémi PRUD'HOMME 0187ced9ed stm32: add L0xx CPUTAPID 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser cdcae765de flash/nor/stellaris: implement protection statuses and procedures 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser 487c57d9a2 libusb: introduce jtag_libusb_choose_interface() and use it for JLink 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser b631e78b25 flash/nor/stellaris: actually enable protection and unprotection with ICDI 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser 1f6a66ab7f hla: add a way to pass arbitrary commands from user to layout and use for ICDI 7 years ago
  Paul Fertser 44394c2a77 interface/ftdi/olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h: fix nTRST control definition 7 years ago
  Anders 61d8b2cabf jtag/drivers/jlink.c: fix for LPC Link-2 running JLink firmware on Linux 7 years ago
  Anders ca8f8e7e77 jtag/drivers/libusb1_common: avoid device reset when reselecting configuration 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 48a681c741 helper: constify log_strings 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3160c66408 target: constify structures 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b675edcc95 jtag: constify driver arrays 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 36bc83b174 flash: constify driver data structures 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 03410e92da rtos: constify symbol names and lists 7 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 40815bd39a nuc1x: fix typos 7 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky db4b2c2536 at91samd: fix protect, add EEPROM and boot commands 7 years ago
  Andrey Yurovsky 592d0d514d at91samd: add erase/secure commands, minor fix 8 years ago