1040 Commits (ab9dfffdb5ecc2033d5d19c6e51c8b4fa10c9c9b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  kc8apf ab9dfffdb5 - Cable driver helper API courtesy of Dick Hollenbeck <dick@softplc.com> 15 years ago
  oharboe ce1a29725f chain position is now required when creating a target 15 years ago
  kc8apf d5209daeb1 xvsf player fixes by Dick Hollenbeck <dick@softplc.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 6f612fb959 Fixes for svf player by Simon Qian <simonqian@SimonQian.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf a79adf1383 Search path fixes for MinGW builds. Courtesy of Dimitar Dimitrov <dinuxbg@gmail.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 44a7b25487 vsllink support for stable clocks by Simon Qian <simonqian@SimonQian.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 99100ce2a4 Fix for incorrect filename in include for at91sam9260 in unknown-board-atmel-at91sam9260.cfg 15 years ago
  kc8apf 48c8589513 AT91SAM9260 and Olimex changes by Dean Glazeski <dnglaze@gmail.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 967bac332f Add axm0432 interface config courtesy of Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 15b4be1c9c Fixes for handling release versions 15 years ago
  kc8apf 93180753be Fix 'make maintainer-clean' courtesy of Zach Welch <zw@superlucidity.net> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 8f513f039a Fix support for ADuC702x flash. Courtesy of Michael Ashton <data@gtf.org> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 07749dbdec imx21 config provided by Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> 15 years ago
  ntfreak 0bcbff348b - remove unused includes, fixes build issues under FreeBSD 15 years ago
  ntfreak ae76a671b5 - revert guess-rev.sh to using bash 15 years ago
  kc8apf c8bc0bb1ae SVF player courtesy of Simon Qian <simonqian@SimonQian.com> 15 years ago
  kc8apf 2aed5dd40b Fix handling of thumb disassembly in armv4_5 disassemble. Courtesy of Adam Dybkowski <adybkows@wp.pl> 15 years ago
  ntfreak a021735db4 - add missing bitq and rlink files to distribution 15 years ago
  kc8apf 8f111ee313 Fix distcheck failure 15 years ago
  ntfreak cb3f970b6c - add missing svn props from 1323 commit 15 years ago
  oharboe 8fc9bcb7f5 Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> imx31pdk.cfg reset init event 15 years ago
  ntfreak 9094500ba6 - add missing svn props and fix incorrect line endings from last commit 15 years ago
  oharboe bea9789cc6 Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> cfg file to initialize the iMX27ADS board. 15 years ago
  oharboe c01e095d03 arm11 wip 15 years ago
  oharboe 882a271205 Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> small fix to move us in the right direction. 15 years ago
  ntfreak 75f078b392 - fix mips issues with newer versions of gdb 15 years ago
  ntfreak 6fda870766 - added mips software breakpoint support 15 years ago
  oharboe 1af16acdd2 wip 15 years ago
  oharboe 59ff8d24d8 moved ioutil init to the right spot: before config scripts 15 years ago
  oharboe 5bbf2ae519 allow issuing reset_config on the fly. Faster turnaround times in testing. 15 years ago
  oharboe 42532ddeaa fixed warnings + added zy1000 jtag_add_clocks support. 15 years ago
  oharboe 9324e6280e Dick Hollenbeck <dick@softplc.com> adds jtag_add_clocks() and implements those in the bitbang and ft2232.c. nearly a full rewrite of the xsvf.c. improved some messaging only affected by _DEBUG_JTAG_IO_ 15 years ago
  ntfreak 6935e703c0 - add missing svn props from r1299 commit 15 years ago
  oharboe a8e12a95fa John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> pic32mx flash fixups and speedups 15 years ago
  oharboe 22421a9657 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> formatting fix of debug output 15 years ago
  oharboe b25574e16a Andi <opencode@gmx.net> basic support for the MIPS based SMP8634 SoC. 15 years ago
  oharboe 9e34b16b74 eol-style native 15 years ago
  oharboe a31e738fda eol-style native 15 years ago
  oharboe ad751bb7a4 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> pic32mx flash wip 15 years ago
  oharboe 9d75343e45 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> keep_alive() fix 15 years ago
  ntfreak ab87627c5c - add gdb pipe support to native win32 (--pipe option) 15 years ago
  oharboe f4d82deb36 Uwe Hermann <uwe@hermann-uwe.de> One of them is fixing a few compiler warnings (see attached patch) and 15 years ago
  duane 38e51eb4fb Updates from SimonQian 15 years ago
  duane dd2d2ad767 Warnings cleanup ... finish up earlier commit 15 years ago
  duane 8939333f51 Missed the svn add on earlier commit, duh 15 years ago
  duane cd05476e6d Tweaks - old crusty code with some warnings & errors - minor stuff 15 years ago
  duane 274b3a56ef From Lou.openocd012@fixit.nospammail.net 15 years ago
  duane 45e44118a8 Quoteify the FT2232 description list, and a missed fix from Dirk Behme about jtag tapisenabled 15 years ago
  duane 21eff7095c Added dongle VSLLINK - from Simon Qian 15 years ago
  duane 9b2e467545 Warning removal from lou.openocd012@fixit.nospammail.net 15 years ago