1040 Commits (ab9dfffdb5ecc2033d5d19c6e51c8b4fa10c9c9b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ntfreak e859281eb3 - solve lots of problems with stuck GDB connections, making it impossible to connect to GDB, handle timeout of acknowledgement, etc. 16 years ago
  ntfreak a2595950c7 - cleanup and remove time() warning 16 years ago
  ntfreak a32de76d61 - fix issue with telnet prompt while gdb running 16 years ago
  ntfreak 8f77362432 - fix xscale memory leak and warnings. Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  ntfreak 04cf548bff - fix programming issue with lpc2101/2 16 years ago
  mifi df9e189efe - added patch to stop DEBUG messages to be forwarded to telnet/gdb. 16 years ago
  ntfreak c65f7cf2fa - added check for revA silicon in stm32 flash driver 16 years ago
  mifi 2a0317e6f4 - added patch to Improving progress/error output for telnet & GDB monitor 16 years ago
  ntfreak edc0db163a - add autoprobe support to flash info command 16 years ago
  mifi 1242505997 - removed "starting point" for ngw100, will add it again if it is working 16 years ago
  ntfreak 01dd733dad - telnet prompt behaves correctly for new synchronous halt/resume/reset commands 16 years ago
  mifi fdf58f74e0 - added starting point for development on a ngw100 eval board 16 years ago
  ntfreak fb74f48b53 - stm32 flash driver now checks for correct target 16 years ago
  ntfreak 53bbd36c7d - add autoprobe support to the stm32 flash driver 16 years ago
  mifi 8f6d142b95 - added patch to change pathmove handling 16 years ago
  ntfreak 70b2de2a63 - added synchronous wait/resume patch. Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  ntfreak da2bbc90fc - added synchronous reset patch, Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  mifi dafa5aacbe - added patch to access cp15 register (XScale) 16 years ago
  mifi a34e4b39c4 - added patch to solve problem with AT91SAM9260 (dirty register) 16 years ago
  ntfreak 4d88f024a6 - fixes issue with reset and arm926ejs core. Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  ntfreak 33f72055b7 Added patch to stop SEGFAULT with missing jtag config lines. Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  mifi 57b5028c63 - added patch to solve the reset problem with arm9 and cortex which Spen had found. 16 years ago
  mifi c882cb0894 - added autoprobe functionality 16 years ago
  ntfreak 8d6292d9a0 fixed incorrect elf segment size - Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  mifi 080b2e3f2f - added patch to check some malloc problems. 16 years ago
  mlu dd318a2c8d Updated list of LMI partnames 16 years ago
  mifi 651ba91465 - added patch to fix crash in load_image on corrupt elf file or out of memory. 16 years ago
  mifi 06f33996e8 - added patch to fix brocken STR9 line 16 years ago
  bodylove db3d66f951 - Eleminated leading tabs/white space 16 years ago
  bodylove 1b7b811d5d - Eleminated leading tabs/white space 16 years ago
  bodylove 4a070eb914 - Eleminated leading tabs/white space 16 years ago
  ntfreak 82e4477e47 - updated docs for cfi command, added missing ft2232_layout names 16 years ago
  mifi 167ce32a7c - added patch "remove error handler as planned" 16 years ago
  ntfreak 68b97e4b5c - add support for cortex_m3 target_request debugmsgs 16 years ago
  ntfreak 1796e1602e - add missing files from previous commit (tms470 flash driver) 16 years ago
  drath bc45295a40 - fixed 'make distcheck' (thanks to Theodore A. Roth for this patch 16 years ago
  drath f53b986559 - added tms470 flash support (thanks to Chris Kilgour for this patch) 16 years ago
  drath 3041bb26ed - use correct SCAN_N check value (disabled by default) 16 years ago
  ntfreak 13eac429e1 - debug handler file not closed - (thanks to oyvind harboe for the patch) 16 years ago
  ntfreak 5e9a5c0f28 - fix gdb packet retransmission omission 16 years ago
  ntfreak 2511b52159 - _DEBUG_GDB_IO_ was left on by mistake 16 years ago
  ntfreak 5eedf3e1ce - added faster gdb packet handling (thanks to oyvind harboe for the patch) 16 years ago
  mifi 64aac5f7e1 - added patch for faster start of OpenOCD 16 years ago
  ntfreak 0160320060 - rename flash_init and flash_erase to flash_init_drivers and flash_erase_address_range - stops conflicts with redboot. Thanks Øyvind Harboe 16 years ago
  mifi 2e01a1ad19 - added gdb flash fixes patch 16 years ago
  ntfreak dfe1b3f314 - add support for extended gdb packet R (restart), requires gdb to be started with target extended-remote 16 years ago
  ntfreak 6c9b804d61 - minimum autoconf 2.59 is now required and verified - due to issues with AS_HELP_STRING 16 years ago
  ntfreak fe02401252 - fixed problem when write_image is called multiple times 16 years ago
  ntfreak 55f2fe830a - removed flash write_image - binary compare function has been moved to verify_image command 16 years ago
  mifi 79f25814fe - this patch allows OpenOCD running under eCos to access files via tftp 16 years ago