1040 Commits (ab9dfffdb5ecc2033d5d19c6e51c8b4fa10c9c9b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ntfreak f809ee6935 - fix issue with jlink/libusb timeout under linux 15 years ago
  oharboe 8a7464df2d Peter Hettkamp <peter.hettkamp@htp-tel.de> fix some problems with xsvf. Still doesn't work. 15 years ago
  oharboe 199ebae564 Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - fix warnings 15 years ago
  oharboe 9f58ef3a58 more error handling and removed force breakpoints as that is handled by a more generic gdb command 15 years ago
  oharboe e3eff88550 invoke target_create() once 15 years ago
  oharboe 7b78e59192 step command now propagates error 15 years ago
  oharboe d0b1e6ebaa Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis@gmail.com> imx27 config file 15 years ago
  oharboe 4631fb2dc7 Øyvind Harboe and Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - handle failed run algorithms more gracefully 15 years ago
  oharboe b2164dd211 Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - fix flash write_bank output. 15 years ago
  oharboe 95c3a1758f Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - In cortex_m3_resume if debug_execution is non-zero, the PRIMASK and xSPR are modified. The problem is that while the register value is changed, it isn't marked valid or dirty. 15 years ago
  oharboe c2120ba28a Added telnet_async command to enable/disable asynchronous 15 years ago
  oharboe e4218ebb8f Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> switch to new syntax for target events 15 years ago
  oharboe be968a5400 Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - update syntax 15 years ago
  oharboe 069a04dca0 Hongtao Zheng single step fixes 15 years ago
  ntfreak b8f895deb6 - remove build warning 15 years ago
  oharboe 95fa1a3377 Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@gmail.com> update syntax 15 years ago
  oharboe 11ce572bbe Hongtao Zheng - more fixes to single stepping. Better hiding of details and fixes feroceon regression. 15 years ago
  oharboe 5f993dc17c Hongtao Zheng - fix a simulation error for "BX PC" 15 years ago
  oharboe f8cd20e284 Rick Altherr <kc8apf@kc8apf.net> - fix support for old target syntax 15 years ago
  oharboe df77b45054 Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@gmail.com> old" syntax target command appears to be broken 15 years ago
  oharboe 63ac444ba9 Kees Jongenburger <kees.jongenburger@gmail.com> - fix typo 15 years ago
  oharboe ea361c3b7b Hongtao Zheng - add simulation because previous functions could not halt for instructions that next pc equal to the current pc. 15 years ago
  oharboe d0626605ec fix working area address 15 years ago
  oharboe 3ddcbd6b58 added option to use ramdisk instead of flash jffs2 15 years ago
  oharboe edfca66467 now compiles under Cygwin and eCos again. 15 years ago
  ntfreak 88c940c4b8 - fix native mingw build if gettimeofday not defined. 15 years ago
  oharboe fdb7a1705d gdb_report_data_abort now ignores all target read errors, including address space wraps. Hopefully works around problems in 6.8 15 years ago
  oharboe 74bb0cd244 fix working memory location 15 years ago
  oharboe 5df88ed3a1 hontor <hontor@126.com> - fix simulation step errors 15 years ago
  oharboe c3e213a6e1 only log BUG: (do not return error) in the case of unknown debug reason(0xc) 15 years ago
  oharboe 9f558dfac3 whitespace trouble.... 15 years ago
  oharboe 150651559e load and verify are now synonymous to load/verify_image 15 years ago
  oharboe bfd7a227b0 updated docs a bit. 15 years ago
  oharboe bf45445b5b produce syntax error 15 years ago
  oharboe ed9c257551 Laurentiu Cocanu - more help text 15 years ago
  oharboe d740e66ccd version number keyword expansion handling 15 years ago
  oharboe 6eeab625cd fix warnings when building for eCos 15 years ago
  oharboe 9b1ddfc1eb remove duplicate target 15 years ago
  oharboe eaea7552ac try to get struct timezone def right w.r.t. config.h. Now compiles under Cygwin and eCos 15 years ago
  ntfreak 04fb21b28d - update docs deprecated section to include links to new commands (if any) 15 years ago
  oharboe 358b472ab8 sleep command now prints out target debugmsgs w/anything like usable performance 15 years ago
  oharboe 824c270142 fix error handling in flash fill 15 years ago
  oharboe ba02ce97a4 added help on production proc's 15 years ago
  oharboe bd50535b0b adding concept of production script 15 years ago
  oharboe 3884c7505f removed autoerase from flash fillX 15 years ago
  oharboe cd9e0e3115 added capture command to capture log output. Useful when wanting to capture log output from tcl procedures that invoke openocd commands 15 years ago
  oharboe 09614074b7 more robust error reporting for DCC 15 years ago
  oharboe a3035243dc unsik Kim <donari75@gmail.com> - mflash support 15 years ago
  ntfreak 4457800afe - fix tcl_port typo in docs 15 years ago
  oharboe ccc2e3fe76 Laurentiu Cocanu - memory read/write and exit() error path fixes 15 years ago