1040 Commits (ab9dfffdb5ecc2033d5d19c6e51c8b4fa10c9c9b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  oharboe bd50535b0b adding concept of production script 15 years ago
  oharboe 3884c7505f removed autoerase from flash fillX 15 years ago
  oharboe cd9e0e3115 added capture command to capture log output. Useful when wanting to capture log output from tcl procedures that invoke openocd commands 15 years ago
  oharboe 09614074b7 more robust error reporting for DCC 15 years ago
  oharboe a3035243dc unsik Kim <donari75@gmail.com> - mflash support 15 years ago
  ntfreak 4457800afe - fix tcl_port typo in docs 15 years ago
  oharboe ccc2e3fe76 Laurentiu Cocanu - memory read/write and exit() error path fixes 15 years ago
  oharboe af41e6aac8 김운식 <donari75@gmail.com> spotted a bug in target_write_u8 15 years ago
  ntfreak d58229e73b - remove build warnings 15 years ago
  oharboe 347db1b736 Laurentiu Cocanu - fix error handling 15 years ago
  oharboe c40d652546 fixed a few crashes in syntax handling 15 years ago
  oharboe 2de5a007d1 Laurentiu Cocanu - more error handling fixes 15 years ago
  oharboe 257d238e61 Laurentiu Cocanu - add error handling 15 years ago
  oharboe ba29b4dc6b testing of syntax error in reset and at startup 15 years ago
  oharboe 08058e72d9 reset cleanup. Remove obsolete events that are not needed for compatibility. 15 years ago
  oharboe 254bde2a23 Ben Bodley TEKNIQUE <ben@teknique.com> - support for the 1Mb Spansion Flash S29AL008D. 15 years ago
  oharboe 4fa359b53d John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> two patches add a mips_m4k target option (ejtag_reset) to cause a reset command to use the EJTAG Peripheral and System Reset in addition to srst. This is for targets like the wrt54gl which do not connect the 15 years ago
  oharboe 539527ab74 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> cleans up the usage of the 15 years ago
  oharboe 3600e7c6e0 reset cleanup 15 years ago
  oharboe fe41e273e3 Retired old reset code according to plan. 15 years ago
  oharboe 6bc51d7135 SEGFAULT gaffe in dummy register handling 15 years ago
  oharboe a7ae35e798 hontor <hontor@126.com> - ARMV7_GDB_HACKS compilation error fix 15 years ago
  oharboe b6caf057eb fix crash when connecting GDB to powered down target 15 years ago
  oharboe f7458c6b19 fix crash when connecting GDB to powered down target 15 years ago
  oharboe bc25d4fa5e Fixed gaffes in reset script handling + improved error 15 years ago
  oharboe 0a3b6213bb Laurentiu Cocanu <laurentiu.cocanu@zylin.com> - Added additional error checks mostly to src/target/target.c 15 years ago
  oharboe 809a796209 Fix problems with DCC downloads routine crashing silently. 15 years ago
  oharboe 0689815716 Duane Ellis: addresses protocol problems with GDB. 15 years ago
  oharboe 28f7fb41c3 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> openocd-usb.cfg added 15 years ago
  oharboe c497006430 abort writing algorithm to target upon failure 15 years ago
  oharboe fbdc87effc enumeration of threads for testing purposes. 15 years ago
  oharboe a5dd5a45f3 zy1000 1.44 snapshot 15 years ago
  oharboe d798871a99 added busy sleep (for testing purposes) 15 years ago
  ntfreak a5806d21d2 - remove build warnings from mips_m4k.c and arm11.c 15 years ago
  oharboe 30e5bff4b8 Richard Missenden exit now works during startup script 15 years ago
  oharboe 4eadb146c1 file not found SEGFAULT fix 15 years ago
  oharboe 76be215ee1 John McCarthy <jgmcc@magma.ca> adds support for DMA mode access as supported by EJTAG 1.0/2.0 processors 15 years ago
  oharboe 9d4f9dbd0b reduce patch problems by moving $xxx expansion into seperate fn 15 years ago
  oharboe 3aef2f0858 Fixes SEGFAULT when setting registers from GDB. 15 years ago
  oharboe 2babd87916 Frederik Kriewitz <frederik at kriewitz.eu> Segmentation fault fix. 15 years ago
  oharboe e8e5995160 fixed crash in dummy register handling 15 years ago
  oharboe 3b2518bd73 Georg Acher <acher@in.tum.de> - arm11 wip. run algorithm + small init bugfix. 15 years ago
  ntfreak ab362fb528 - remove build warnings 15 years ago
  oharboe 5ec6a48a4b basic smoketest on lm3s3748.elf 15 years ago
  oharboe 7fd9ba22ba Centralize error handling for buggy register handling 15 years ago
  oharboe 7b369df52c better keep_alive() handling 15 years ago
  oharboe 333499a962 Georg Acher <acher@in.tum.de> implements the buffer flash mode for Spansion flashes. It's basically a clone of the Intel version, just a few details differ 15 years ago
  oharboe 9807a00206 Georg Acher <acher@in.tum.de> corrected TDO sampling 15 years ago
  oharboe 4eda44db36 timeout is now 1000ms instead of trying 100 times. 15 years ago
  oharboe 316c9b9698 GDB alive fixes for verify_image 15 years ago