7235 Commits (bcaf775fc10d88d2c63c06bafada141895318b34)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Fritiofson bcaf775fc1 Remove support for the GPL incompatible FTDI D2XX library 6 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson cc2d4f015f Remove since long deprecated ft2232 driver 6 years ago
  Marc Schink f60d42b0e2 Fix autogen.sh invocation of libjaylink 6 years ago
  Marc Schink 84111194b8 configure.ac: Fix J-Link adapter description 6 years ago
  Marc Schink efa90d0f78 drivers/Makefile.am: Fix libjaylink integration 6 years ago
  Marc Schink 37ed4751e8 configure.ac: Fix libjaylink integration 6 years ago
  Paul Fertser 21832327ee Replace "daemon" with "server" in user-visible strings 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 7d2ad65c64 flash at91samd, at91sam4l: fix improper use of mem_ap_ call 6 years ago
  Paul Fertser 607edefb53 flash: nor: mdr: do not mass erase when clearing INFO memory 5 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 09253ffd13 flash Kinetis: Family K8x added 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 61c18ee486 flash Kinetis: add cache invalidate for KLx series 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 22b4a0f40d flash Kinetis: longword programming changed to flash_async_algorithm 6 years ago
  Matthias Welwarsky 0099430104 cortex_a/r/m: fix handling of un-examined cores 6 years ago
  Harald Welte 75c3f4a25c AM335x: Disable watchdog on 'reset halt' 6 years ago
  Andrey Smirnov d1bdcdcc8d semihosting armv7a: Add support for ARMv7-A 7 years ago
  HarishKumar b10037a0b7 Tcl commands: Fix improper return status in flash commands and load_image. 7 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson d3445cd146 cfg: Don't check BS TAP IDCODE in STM32 configs 6 years ago
  Rick Foos 058ed7a43f tcl/board: Add board configuration for nRF51-DK, and nRF52-DK. 6 years ago
  Tim Newsome ca19c82d94 Make OpenOCD build using -Og. 6 years ago
  Jiří Pinkava f6b8a4ea65 nrf51: show proper part number 6 years ago
  Tim Newsome 19df456a79 Perform small writes before sending OK. 6 years ago
  Paul Fertser 4b50872ffe flash: nor: lpc2000: handle lpc11xx parts with more than 96k memory 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber eaacb900dd flash/nor: Add erased_value to drivers and pass it to targets 6 years ago
  Gabrielle Trotter b9ee6dd465 atsamv: Support for ATSAMS70N19 Memory Configuration 6 years ago
  Marc Schink 674141e8a7 helper: Make unhexify() robust on invalid data 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber 10aeff9259 target: Clean up format strings 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber c06ac3b5d3 target: Add missing spaces in error messages 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber 5fba5068b7 breakpoints: Add missing space in error message 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber da74594150 target: Fix working_area_phys_spec comment 6 years ago
  Paul Fertser 3ae41fcf82 jtag: drivers: mpsse: ignore error to detach kernel driver 6 years ago
  Paul Fertser 67c9a5561e jtag: drivers: cmsis-dap: add TRST handling 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 5fa3bfa074 flash Kinetis: fix mdm check_security regression in JTAG mode 6 years ago
  Vivien Didelot 9d98f8b7a7 tcl/board: add Linksys WAG200G config 6 years ago
  Sean Cross 537c019ced tcl/board: add configuration for Novena's integrated FPGA 6 years ago
  Sandeep Mistry ca6ccad439 gdb server: Add back support to disable the gdb server via the gdb_port config 6 years ago
  Marc Schink f109a93075 libjaylink: Update for API changes 6 years ago
  Marc Schink 8515da60a8 jlink: Adjust log verbosity of libjaylink 6 years ago
  Marc Schink 3c8832fe6e helper/log: Add log_vprintf_lf() 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 640894e731 cortex_m: fix autoincrement range of Cortex-M7 6 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 9292899bf4 stm32f2x: Increase options write timeout 6 years ago
  Robert Jordens 12aee423db xilinx_bscan_spi: port to new migen and clean-up 6 years ago
  Michael Dietz 400dbedaee nRF51: Fix bug in Code memory size. 6 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson db6c6f5da4 ftdi: don't wait forever if we fail 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber 5fd5699859 nds32: Fix typo in debug log 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber 7919694832 x86_32_common: Fix typo in function name 6 years ago
  Kent Brinkley 727f178ab9 mips: Added #define for scan_delay legacy mode default value 8 years ago
  Peter Kuhar 5108fb591b STM32L433 Flash support 6 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 56e60b0982 stm32l4x: fix incorrect device id mask 6 years ago
  Andreas Färber 81631e49a6 contrib/loaders: Enforce Little Endian ARM machine code 6 years ago
  Tomas Vanek 0e95629eb1 flash Kinetis: Implement flash protection setting 6 years ago