11 Commits (d746dee833ef4774adcee6a33c97f8039a5bd744)

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  Antonio Borneo 7c5acf8660 whitespace cleanup, mostly for docs 14 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 146e841fc9 bootstrap: stop execution upon error 14 years ago
  dbrownell 03c9e48f88 Change most in-tree references from SVN to GIT. 14 years ago
  zwelch ef733b48e9 Switch automake handling to use --gnu mode, not --foreign. 15 years ago
  zwelch 3aa4e9ebf6 Remove redundant call to autoheader in bootstrap script. 15 years ago
  zwelch 53b67960a2 Fix bootstrap typo noticed by Edgar Grimberg <edgar.grimberg@zylin.com>. 15 years ago
  zwelch 3df27e5ce5 Fix bootstrap script to support MacOS glibtoolize oddity. 15 years ago
  zwelch 647e61cc6d Extend autotools build to create shared library libopenocd with libtool: 15 years ago
  oharboe 002fdcf016 Zach Welch <zw@superlucidity.net> add --enable-maintainer-mode reminder 15 years ago
  drath df4b030df7 - documentation fixes (thanks to Uwe Hermann) 17 years ago
  drath 8b4e882a16 - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 18 years ago