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  Freddie Chopin 1936646fc2 Improve clone command in README 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver fe97fab6a0 docs: update incorrect urls 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver adb8ec32dc icdi: add TI icdi interface 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 9fe0457c51 readme: update missing configure args 9 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 1b2cb095ba docs: update interface support in README 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 39650e2273 ecosboard: delete bit-rotted eCos code 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ca0cc39f5f docs: update project url's 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver cf692abe83 replace berlios url's with sourceforge url's 10 years ago
  Martin Schmölzer 5e2637a4e0 Add description for configure argument "--enable-ulink" to README file 11 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe fdae51287c httpd: retire this server 11 years ago
  David Brownell 74113cf725 README: update libftdi version 12 years ago
  David Brownell 4aa0a4d811 User's Guide mentions OS-specific installation 12 years ago
  Uwe Hermann cfc02ccca2 fix typos in documentation 12 years ago
  Zachary T Welch 0091e59d2a allow documentation to be configured 12 years ago
  David Brownell 7252a72465 Houston, we have Mirror! 12 years ago
  dbrownell 03c9e48f88 Change most in-tree references from SVN to GIT. 12 years ago
  ntfreak ef30f22fd3 - remove enable-ft2232-highspeed configure option, high speed ftdi support is now detected during the configure stage 12 years ago
  ntfreak a634b5d52e Jonas Horberg [jhorberg@sauer-danfoss.com] 12 years ago
  oharboe 8b82de60c7 David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net> mention udev, and correct D2XX speed mentions 13 years ago
  zwelch ff5170a979 Split Windows README instructions into new file, with a few fixes. 13 years ago
  oharboe b1ccc35323 Xiaofan Chen <xiaofanc@gmail.com> document my experiment 13 years ago
  zwelch eaa895a0b2 Add section to provide some documentation for cross-compiling. 13 years ago
  oharboe f56c2db5a7 fixed a small typo in howto create doxygen docs 13 years ago
  zwelch 00fad24996 Remove --enable-release option; if guess-rev.sh is missing, it is a release. 13 years ago
  zwelch 14fb875e8f David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>: 13 years ago
  zwelch 3731bc5877 Add comments to README about compiler and library dependencies. 13 years ago
  zwelch 92ddc0266b Provide some useful information in README file, rather than punting. 13 years ago
  duane a1c14646cb commit test from Duane 13 years ago
  duane cb8895f9cb Test of commit email from duane 13 years ago
  ntfreak 4272b1989d - fix typo's 13 years ago
  oharboe a72c8617bb openocd.texi is the authortative source of OpenOCD documentation 13 years ago
  drath 64dbef69e7 - Added coding style to README 14 years ago
  oharboe 3087b66861 Uwe Hermann: Updated version which applies cleanly after the recent whitespace fixes. 14 years ago
  oharboe 6d3bed69dc Uwe Hermann: 14 years ago
  ntfreak 06b1bfed10 - correct line endings from previous commit 14 years ago
  oharboe 5a15c6d807 Nicolas Pitre listed some more devices. 14 years ago
  drath 20e4e77cdf - renamed M5960 USB JTAG to "flyswatter" 14 years ago
  drath df4b030df7 - documentation fixes (thanks to Uwe Hermann) 15 years ago
  drath 53d1f9b2ca - added manpage for OpenOCD (thanks to Uwe Hermann) 15 years ago
  drath 81e8e44cf0 - Added support for ARM926EJ-S based cores 15 years ago
  drath 94ffacdd93 - added support for American Microsystem's M5960 (FT2232 based USB JTAG interface) 15 years ago
  drath 91f58cccbc - updated configuration examples, installation instructions and README (including list of supported JTAG interfaces) 16 years ago
  drath 8b4e882a16 - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 16 years ago