2771 Commits (e8dc384be9d4bf2b7ed61178c02154dffdb15a9e)

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  oharboe 9bdbffb8cc httpd smoketest info 12 years ago
  oharboe c5949a03a7 added t/nsrst_assert_width commands 12 years ago
  oharboe e3a0647558 if srst pulls trst, then set state to TAP_RESET. 12 years ago
  oharboe 62b7e1ce64 spelling fix 12 years ago
  dbrownell cbe34d0819 Shrink symbols exported from arm9tdmi.c and remove a forward ref. 12 years ago
  dbrownell 9a4e650083 Add list of JTAG adapter drivers with TAP_RESET statemove bug. 12 years ago
  dbrownell 817ea3f4e4 Update FT2232 driver so that it reliably enters TAP_RESET. 12 years ago
  dbrownell fbbd3066ff Don't provide invalid OMAP5912 IR capture value/mask attributes 12 years ago
  dbrownell 5c3c4af88f On DM355 EVM board, associate NAND chips with $_TARGETNAME 12 years ago
  dbrownell 2329ae9306 Diagnostics tweaks for jtag_examine_chain() failure paths. 12 years ago
  dbrownell f64e924ba9 Updates to the initial scanchain validation code: 12 years ago
  dbrownell 2e210ee48f Streamline Capture-IR handling and integrity test. 12 years ago
  dbrownell ad43374c7f Update DM355 target config to know about ICEpick. 12 years ago
  oharboe 43b3807878 Michael Hasselberg <mh@open-engineering.de> target configuration files for Toshiba TX09 familiy 12 years ago
  oharboe 1c262c8826 Try/catch scheme. Typed up the functionality and regression tested. 12 years ago
  oharboe 37755ffdb6 When attaching GDB to OpenOCD, the target state is no longer affected. 12 years ago
  dbrownell 23e22b6ec4 Start handling the (second) SRST stage of reset better: 12 years ago
  dbrownell 22045fa6f2 When setting up an ETM, cache its ETM_CONFIG register. Then 12 years ago
  dbrownell d9ce8a2f60 Start cleaning up ETM register handling. On one ARM926 ETM+ETB 12 years ago
  dbrownell a6d858ebcd Initial ETM cleanups. Most of these are cosmetic: 12 years ago
  oharboe 7393fcfc90 Nico Coesel <ncoesel@dealogic.nl> fix warnings. . I'm wondering why these 12 years ago
  ntfreak 6521b75ec2 - fix build issue under win32 (cygwin/msys) from svn r2746 12 years ago
  ntfreak a2a3620d35 - add missing svn props from previous commit 12 years ago
  dbrownell 50b94628ae Make it easier to erase or protect through to the end 12 years ago
  dbrownell 6cba486356 Update presentation of TAP events and tap enable/disable. 12 years ago
  dbrownell b11d79110e Remove annoying end-of-line whitespace from doc/* files. 12 years ago
  dbrownell 71af49ca7f Remove annoying end-of-line whitespace from tcl/* files 12 years ago
  dbrownell 86a7d813a1 Remove annoying end-of-line whitespace from most src/* 12 years ago
  oharboe 0bcf5a6b76 Ethan Eade <ethan@evolution.com> board config script for Cogent CSB732 i.MX35 (arm1136) 12 years ago
  dbrownell 108028112f Ensure that DaVinci chips can't start with a too-fast JTAG clock. 12 years ago
  dbrownell d20103cd93 Update the jtag-examine_chain() logic to verify that there's no 12 years ago
  dbrownell 48e96a18ed Enhancement: stm32 flash protection error message 12 years ago
  dbrownell 24df719b09 Update the User's Guide to cover the scan chain verification step 12 years ago
  dbrownell 0c4b119d3f Debug message updates: 12 years ago
  dbrownell 75581ffea6 Minor regression bugfix for the jtag_tap_handle_event() case 12 years ago
  mlu 965b331d0b Added CPUDBG_WCR_BASE define 12 years ago
  mlu 781997f556 Avoid cache invalidation when writing to hardware debug registers 12 years ago
  mlu 01735c515f Reduced sleep time after reset 12 years ago
  dbrownell 3e87fc20ab Style cleanup for the updated ft2232_add_pathmove(). 12 years ago
  dbrownell 2d3bcddf04 Minor behavior fixes for the two JTAG reset events (C/internal, 12 years ago
  dbrownell 74ae645623 Minor tweaks to description of JTAG adapter/dongle issues. 12 years ago
  mlu 7b3be0e21e Move Cortex A8 debug access initialisation from omap3530.cfg to cortex_a8.c 12 years ago
  oharboe 631b2ab244 remove unused externs 12 years ago
  dbrownell 358263f484 Tweak TCL reset script ... mostly improving descriptions of 12 years ago
  dbrownell e961bd14d9 Address codereview comment from Steve Grubb <sgrubb@redhat.com>: 12 years ago
  dbrownell 9536577c02 Minor fixes to NAND code and docs 12 years ago
  dbrownell 9655c5b093 Fix coredump seen in some code paths. 12 years ago
  oharboe 84f51bf50c michal smulski <michal.smulski@ooma.com> fix regression in jtag_add_pathmove() which broke arm11 in r1825. Other uses of jtag_add_pathmove are svn + xsvf + xscale... 12 years ago
  oharboe 1dd302883d prefix zy1000_reboot command to avoid name conflicts 12 years ago
  oharboe 016e7ebbfa srst_gates_jtag option. at91sam9260 needs retesting, and possibly srst_gates_jtag added to reset_config. Could i.MX27 be a case where srst does not pull trst, but really srst gates jtag clock? 12 years ago