4525 Commits (ecad76061f6edff5db67ad05e6514dff6cd6efc7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  drath 3f74f764c7 - integrated patch from Magnus Lundin that fixes at91sam7 flash timing bugs and possible endianness problems (big endian hosts) 17 years ago
  drath 028f59ede5 - added debug output for D/I FSR and FAR (arm920t) 17 years ago
  drath e2e5917109 - made lpc2000 code endianness safe (support big-endian hosts, target is always little) 17 years ago
  drath 4cdb7c5a53 - added missing AT91RM9200 files 17 years ago
  drath 3acb107b9a - endianess fixes everywhere but in the flash code. flashing might still be broken on big-endian targets and/or hosts 17 years ago
  drath da9eedc0f2 - made bp command more verbose 17 years ago
  drath 1c1ae777e1 - updated version info in openocd.c 17 years ago
  drath 5fcd1d704c - renamed jtag_interface_t.support_statemove to jtag_interface_t.support_pathmove (it is used to indicate jtag_add_pathmove support) 17 years ago
  drath 9a830747b2 - fixed bug in .cfg files. Thanks to Michael Fischer for noticing this. 17 years ago
  drath 91f58cccbc - updated configuration examples, installation instructions and README (including list of supported JTAG interfaces) 17 years ago
  drath 15294929e2 - added support for the Signalyzer USB->JTAG dongle (www.signalyzer.com) 17 years ago
  drath ec0f06db11 - added support for FreeBSD ppi (parallel port access similar to /dev/parport on linux) (thanks to Darius for this patch) 17 years ago
  drath ca1e5ee1f4 - fixed jtag_n[st]rst_delay. time is now miliseconds (as documented), not microseconds 17 years ago
  drath fbf5bec7f3 - fixed a minor problem with the GDB server that could drop the first packet (non-fatal) 17 years ago
  drath 7d24476146 - allow building for MinGW using either -mno-cygwin or the MinGW gcc 17 years ago
  drath 1341eb3b0a - added configurable delays after reset lines get deasserted. useful if reset circuitry keeps lines asserted for too long. 17 years ago
  drath 82d2633b5f - Added support for native MinGW builds (thanks to Spencer Oliver and Michael Fischer) - you still need to install GiveIO (not part of OpenOCD) 17 years ago
  drath 1960973baf - fixed bug in Thumb sw breakpoint handling (thanks to Spen for this patch) 17 years ago
  drath d4d36b0a9a - changed use of bzero (deprecated) to memset (thanks to Spen for pointing this out) 17 years ago
  drath db0264db2a - added "version" command (patch from John Hartman, thanks) 17 years ago
  drath ef139a3a5e - added support for AT91SAM7A3 flash (patch from andre renaud, thanks) 17 years ago
  drath 1f76f69999 - keep additional information for decoded instructions 17 years ago
  drath b9628accd6 - the 'help' command now takes an optional argument to display help only on a certain command (thanks to Andrew Dyer for this enhancement) 17 years ago
  drath 335f667d44 - fixed some spelling errors (thanks to Andrew Dyer) 17 years ago
  drath 8b4e882a16 - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 17 years ago