4995 Commits (f9a379d02c47badf0eb116b28c4f6f679334e692)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mathias K 0f863ecb01 - remove pipeline context, use once register instead - fix wrong register write in resume and step function - add more conditional branch handling 13 years ago
  Bjarne Steinsbo 3f4b9e334b lpc32xx: Flash driver 13 years ago
  Mathias K fe0894015f - add parameter flush to the once api to signalize if the jtag queue need to be flushed after the command 13 years ago
  Mathias K aa9baf11a8 - add bulk memory write function - execute jtag queue at the end of the memory transfer 13 years ago
  Phil Fong 17a6ffa0c7 dsp563xx_once: Correct definition of JTAG_INSTR_CLAMP 13 years ago
  Mathias K 422e9f9b41 ft2232: add functions for ft2232 set data bits high/low byte command 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero 779005f43d cortex_a9: move dap_ap_select to arm_avi_v5 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero bc404041c0 arm_adi_v5: add wrapping transfer functions with selection of ap 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero dcc9624b98 arm_adi_v5: add transfer functions prototypes with selection of ap 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero aaa52e16ce cortex_a9: check if MMU is enabled on APB read/write memory 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero f609d03f1f cortex_a9: check target halted on APB read/write memory 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero 28b953d0bd cortex_a9: trivial fixes 13 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 177fe9d762 buikd: fix cygwin -mno-cygwin build error 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero 05ab8bdb81 cortex_a9: implement read/write memory through APB-AP 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll 94e90cbf16 cortex_a9: fix dap_ap_select() usage 13 years ago
  Michal Demin 405b7a458d buspirate: Fix command parsing, fix errors to have more sense. 13 years ago
  Mathias K b21be6054a performance: committed wrong version of buf_set_buf optimization 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero 6684b35346 omap4430: Add JRC TAPID for PandaBoard REV EA1 (PEAP platforms) 13 years ago
  Mathias K 08bf273def dsp563xx: add x, y and p memory access 13 years ago
  Luca Ellero d51b561b10 cortex_a8/a9: fix some comments 13 years ago
  Mathias K 706284a8fd buf_set_buf around 30% speed increase 13 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 5ca7cbe2d2 stm32x: add support for STM32F20x 13 years ago
  Mathias K 75cdbff5aa more changes to dsp563xx code 13 years ago
  Mathias K b0bdc4e2f2 24bit buffer support 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll aaf145c422 omap4430: fix reset sequence 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll efcea8306a cortex_m3: allow scripts to override reset 13 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe 859ccccd80 error: remove debug output when reporting errors 13 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe a0858bfed0 cfi: use ARM32 machine code on all CPUs but Cortex M3 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll 4592506b8e TCL configs for OMAP4430 and Pandaboard 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll c34e69cb10 cortex_a9: add source files for Cortex A9 support. 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll 8e60d4955f arm_dpm: add some SCR/RCR macros 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll aea22bdbd1 Add '-coreid' target option to support multiple cores per TAP. 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll 3fa99ed2bf Add cscope to .gitignore 13 years ago
  Aaron Carroll 827053c79d openocd.texi: minor fixes in Reset Configuration 13 years ago
  Mathias K e26bda10bc add cortex-r4 etm id to dap info 13 years ago
  Mathias K 6df10184f6 - add xds100v2 configuaration file 13 years ago
  Thomas Schmid 4df93cb95f Fixed small mistakes in at91sam3 info command 13 years ago
  Mathias K 9629adcbde add basic TI xds100v2 support 13 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 5b34018ccd fix segfault from stack corruption in ahbap_debugport_init 13 years ago
  Eric Wetzel a727418184 stellaris: automatically generate and update device IDs 13 years ago
  Erik Botö 4749a40821 Flash driver for em357 13 years ago
  Santeri Salko 5b1efd0176 str9xpec: Find flash controller from the chain. 13 years ago
  simon qian 11193c040c transport: fix transport command args gaffe 13 years ago
  simon qian 8eb92c7e99 transport: fix LOG_DEBUG gaffe 13 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8684bd1342 cfi: fix release build warnings 13 years ago
  Eric Wetzel 0535531d27 nit: more LOG_* \n fixes 13 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 61e1e525c1 Add another level of procedures to LPC2xxx initialization - procedures for specific targets (setup_lpc<number>) take core clock and adapter clock as parameters. This way "constant" parameters (flash size and type, CPUTAPID, etc.) do not need to be copied if one wishes to change the "variable" parameters - like the core clock or adapter clock - in a board config file or somewhere else. 13 years ago
  David Brownell 7ec55eb863 present CM3 Trace agenda 13 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 94fa8fd30a Add common LPC2xxx setup procedure, use in all LPC2xxx files. 13 years ago
  Spencer Oliver aa61a3b3d8 cfi: use safer arch detection 13 years ago