5918 Commits (v0.7.0-rc2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Freddie Chopin be46b9821e The openocd-0.7.0-rc2 release candidate. 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver d9ba56c295 target: rename cortex_a8 to cortex_a 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b7d2cdc0d4 target: rename cortex_m3 to cortex_m 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 564a5eb537 Mention "lpc4300" (with "lpc1800" alias) flash drivers in manual 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 67607fb64c cortex_m: remove old target breakpoints/watchpoints 8 years ago
  Christopher Kilgour 392fe70927 kinetis: fix "SF1" parts to limit FlexRAM usage 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ece2892701 build: fix libftd2xx regression 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 37299b2b58 arm: fix arm reg regression 8 years ago
  Oleksij Rempel da2e40bcd3 build fix: ft2232 8 years ago
  Hsiangkai Wang 992059b898 gdb server: Fix bug. Parse 'M' packet error. 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e12989a84b Update NEWS 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 4a590e0b56 Restore -dev suffix 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 0e6c42eb42 The openocd-0.7.0-rc1 release candidate. 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 4bfa4858d1 Add "lpc1800" alias for "lpc4300" flash driver 8 years ago
  Matt Dittrich ad1c9cdbcb flash/nor: add lpc4300 variant to lpc2000 driver 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 906d6aaa19 Improve HACKING 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ff1108ad38 telnet: add telnet history support 8 years ago
  R. Steve McKown d7646942f2 Support newer OSBDM firmware 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 79d6d3cda9 stm32f30x: Add boundary scan TAP ID to match silicon 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 9695564e63 mips: m4k alternate pracc code. Patch 4 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo d5e564625f mips: m4k alternate pracc code. Patch 3 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 37c28903a1 mips: m4k alternate pracc code. Patch 2 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 109f37c161 mips: m4k alternate pracc code. Patch 1 8 years ago
  Freddie Chopin 1936646fc2 Improve clone command in README 8 years ago
  Ben Nahill 28cf4e463b stm32w: Added sample target configuration for STM32W108 with STLink-V2 8 years ago
  Ben Nahill 2cb486213e topic: STM32W support added to em357 driver 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3f0e9c8ad2 program: do not poll target after reset run 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b2189fa936 stlink: fix connect under reset issues 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 0a33b7b2aa parport: fix parport_toggling_time regression 8 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 46bcaec696 ft2232: remove ft2232_large_scan memory leak 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 305832c49d libusb: disable debug messages by default 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3ad44cc1f5 jimtcl: update embedded jimtcl 8 years ago
  Peter Dietzsch 460eb952d8 cfg: Added cfg script for at91sam4sd32x targets 8 years ago
  Peter Dietzsch 665ac60ef0 flash: Added support for at91sam4sd32c 8 years ago
  Yann Vernier 441914978d ft2232: fix input scan ending in drshift/irshift 8 years ago
  Michel JAOUEN 50c9315212 arm_adi_v5: fix for csw nonsecure access. 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 74db7f9681 mips: code cleanup in cp0 command handlers 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 37a6e40250 mips: change in restoring debug working register 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 2dde122b66 mips: mips32_pracc_fastdata_xfer() little modification 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo 1d040adb0d pic32mx: 0 wait state option 8 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo c185a5b724 pic32mx: false pending at low core clock 8 years ago
  Henrik Nilsson 70fb53f90b Added support for ARMv7-M in arm io. 8 years ago
  Evan Hunter 704fc7eb3d Add abort when JTAG-DP transaction times out. 8 years ago
  mike brown 2a8a89edcb arm_adi_v5: fix mem_ap_read_buf_u32() JTAG nastiness.. 8 years ago
  Evan Hunter 0875e64ddb gdb server: Fix buffer overrun - sprintf appends a terminating null to the data which was overrunning the supplied buffer. 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 900f2998c8 ti_icdi: add icdi_usb_query result check 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver fe97fab6a0 docs: update incorrect urls 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8fa4d71d5c docs: remove unnecessary whitespace 8 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b7e0cd48f0 docs: fix html anchor xref links 8 years ago
  Thomas Schmid 1da9e595ec at91sam3: Wrong PLLA frequency calculations 8 years ago