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oharboe 1231443b59 lpc2148 fixes from Edgar Grimberg 13 years ago
flash - added new device to luminary flash driver 13 years ago
helper added fast option. 13 years ago
jtag Edgar's naming convention fixes. 13 years ago
pld Pavel pointed out that jtag_add_tlr() is better than jtag_add_tms(). 13 years ago
server regions outside flash are now read/write nocache by default. GDB 6.8 would mark non-flash areas as inacessible by default. 13 years ago
target lpc2148 fixes from Edgar Grimberg 13 years ago
xsvf make jtag_add_statemove() internal to the driver. 13 years ago reduce compare noise. If someone should be crazy enough to try to run OpenOCD under eCos, then they'v got some hooks to point them in the general direction. 13 years ago
openocd.c allows launching OpenOCD w/telnet+gdb server w/the 13 years ago