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Included in these directories are the src to the various ram loaders used
within openocd.

** target checksum loaders **

checksum/armv4_5_crc.s :
- ARMv4 and ARMv5 checksum loader : see target/arm_crc_code.c:arm_crc_code

checksum/armv7m_crc.s :
- ARMv7m checksum loader : see target/armv7m.c:cortex_m_crc_code

checksum/mips32.s :
- MIPS32 checksum loader : see target/mips32.c:mips_crc_code

** target flash loaders **

flash/pic32mx.s :
- Microchip PIC32 flash loader : see flash/nor/pic32mx.c:pic32mx_flash_write_code

flash/stellaris.s :
- TI Stellaris flash loader : see flash/nor/stellaris.c:stellaris_write_code

flash/stm32x.s :
- ST STM32 flash loader : see flash/nor/stm32x.c:stm32x_flash_write_code

flash/str7x.s :
- ST STR7 flash loader : see flash/nor/str7x.c:str7x_flash_write_code

flash/str9x.s :
- ST STR9 flash loader : see flash/nor/str9x.c:str9x_flash_write_code

Spencer Oliver