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David Brownell c6ac97cf3b target: don't swap MMU/no-MMU work areas 12 years ago
flash Added the faux flash driver and target. Used for testing. 12 years ago
helper bin2char: for win32 set stdin/stdout to binary mode 12 years ago
jtag FT2232: increase read retry counts 12 years ago
pld - Replace '){' with ') {'. 12 years ago
server Retired gdb_attach. gdb-detach event covers this functionality. 12 years ago
svf SVF: fix checking bit pattern against length 12 years ago
target target: don't swap MMU/no-MMU work areas 12 years ago
xsvf XSVF: bugfix handling state paths 12 years ago MinGW: use WinSock2 12 years ago
ecosboard.c disable ZY1000's UART forwarding test code. 12 years ago
main.c Dick Hollenbeck <> moved stuff into openocd.c - should never have been in main.c in the first place. DLL will now build. 12 years ago
openocd.c Change most in-tree references from SVN to GIT. 12 years ago