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  1. This file should include highlights of the changes made in the
  2. OpenOCD openocd-0.3.0 source archive release. See the repository
  3. history for details about what changed, including bugfixes and
  4. other issues not mentioned here.
  5. JTAG Layer:
  6. FT2232H (high speed USB) support doesn't need separate configuration
  7. New reset_config options for SRST gating the JTAG clock (or not)
  8. TAP declaration no longer requires ircapture and mask attributes
  9. New "post-reset" event handler for TAP-invariant setup code
  10. Overridable Tcl "init_reset" and "jtag_init" procedures
  11. Target Layer:
  12. New commands for use with Cortex-M3 processors:
  13. "cortex_m3 disassemble" ... Thumb2 disassembly (UAL format)
  14. "cortex_m3 vector_catch" ... traps certain hardware faults
  15. without tying up breakpoint resources
  16. If you're willing to help debug it
  17. VERY EARLY Cortex-A8 and ARMv7A support
  18. Updated hardware support
  19. New commands for use with XScale processors: "xscale vector_table"
  20. ARM11
  21. single stepping support for i.MX31
  22. bugfix for missing "arm11" prefix on "arm11 memwrite ..."
  23. ETM support
  24. Unavailable registers are not listed
  25. Flash Layer:
  26. The lpc2000 driver handles the new NXP LPC1700 (Cortex-M3) chips
  27. New lpc2900 driver for NXP LPC2900 chips (ARM968 based)
  28. New "last" flag for NOR "flash erase_sector" and "flash protect"
  29. The "nand erase N" command now erases all of bank N
  30. Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
  31. Amontec JTAGkey2 support
  32. Cleanup and additions for the TI/Luminary Stellaris scripts
  33. LPC1768 target (and flash) support
  34. Keil MCB1700 eval board
  35. Samsung s3c2450
  36. Mini2440 board
  37. Numeric TAP and Target identifiers now trigger warnings
  38. PXA255 partially enumerates
  39. Documentation:
  40. Capture more debugging and setup advice
  41. Notes on target source code changes that may help debugging
  42. Build and Release:
  43. For more details about what has changed since the last release,
  44. see the ChangeLog associated with this source archive. For older NEWS,
  45. see the NEWS files associated with each release (i.e. NEWS-<version>).
  46. For more information about contributing test reports, bug fixes, or new
  47. features and device support, please read the new Developer Manual (or
  48. the BUGS and PATCHES files in the source archive).