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  1. // This file is part of the Doyxgen Developer Manual
  2. /** @page patchguide Patch Guidelines
  3. Please mail patches to: @par
  5. Note that you can't send patches to that list unless
  6. you're a member, despite what the list info page says.
  7. @section Patch Guidelines in a Nutshell
  8. The patch should be against svn trunk using an SVN
  9. diff. If you use git-svn, a git diff or patch is OK
  10. too; likewise a quilt patch, if you use quilt.
  11. It should be a "good patch": focus it on a single
  12. issue, and make it be easily reviewable. Don't make
  13. it so large that it's hard to review; split large
  14. patches into smaller ones. (That can also help
  15. track down bugs later on.) All patches should
  16. be "clean", which includes preserving the existing
  17. coding style and updating documentation as needed.j
  18. Attach the patch to the email as a .txt file and
  19. also write a short change log entry that maintainers
  20. can copy and paste into the commit message
  21. Say if it's a bugfix (describe the bug) or a new
  22. feature. Don't expect patches to merge immediately
  23. for the next release. Be ready to rework patches
  24. in response to feedback.
  25. Add yourself to the GPL copyright for non-trivial changes.
  26. To create a patch from the command line:
  27. @code
  28. svn diff >mypatch.txt
  29. @endcode
  30. See: @par
  32. Remember to use "svn add" on new files first: @par
  34. If you have a decent SVN GUI, then that should be
  35. able to create and apply patches as well...
  36. @section More Information on Patching
  37. The @ref primerpatches provides a more complete guide to creating,
  38. managing, and contributing patches to the OpenOCD project.
  39. */
  40. /** @file
  41. This file contains the @ref patchguide page.
  42. */