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zwelch e43979e702 - Replace 'if(' with 'if ('. 13 years ago
contrib Uwe Hermann <>: Make ICEbear look like other targets 13 years ago
doc David Brownell <>: 13 years ago
ecosflash deleted obsolete stuff. 14 years ago
src - Replace 'if(' with 'if ('. 13 years ago
tcl fix eol native 13 years ago
testing stm32 profiling wip 13 years ago
tools Improve logger script to expose warnings and errors in the output. 13 years ago
AUTHORS Michael Schwingen <> add non-CFI SST flashs 13 years ago
BUGS Update Doxygen markup in PATCHES, BUGS, and TODO: 13 years ago
COPYING - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 16 years ago
ChangeLog retired 14 years ago Properly fix doxygen out-of-tree build process: 13 years ago
INSTALL - fix typo's 14 years ago Add a rule to rebuild libtool if changes (from libtool docs). 13 years ago
NEWS - fix typo's 14 years ago
NEWTAPS jtag newtap change & huge manual update 13 years ago
PATCHES Improve doxygen markup of PATCHES file, link to new primer. 13 years ago
README commit test from Duane 13 years ago
TODO Improve remaining documentation that was causing Doxygen warnings. 13 years ago
bootstrap Remove redundant call to autoheader in bootstrap script. 13 years ago Set default for want_ftd2xx_highspeed to "no" instead of "maybe" 13 years ago - now works as expected when build_dir is not the same as src_dir 13 years ago
uncrustify.cfg Add uncrustify config file and helper script 13 years ago


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