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This makefile is how I Duane Ellis ( builds
openocd test purposes on Cygwin. I have included it here so others
might also make use of the same configuration that I use to develop

--Duane Ellis

To make use of it do the following:

(1) Check out openocd in the standard way.

For example - in cygwin, type this:

bash$ mkdir -p /home/duane/test
bash$ cd /home/duane/test
bash$ svn co openocd

(2) COPY this folder "right above" where you have OpenOCD.

bash$ cd /home/duane/test
bash$ cp ./openocd/testing/build.test2/* /home/duane/test/.


You might want to review the file "local.uses"
Change options and so forth at the top of the file.

(4) Initially, you need to download some additional files.
These include "libftdi", "libconfuse", and the ftd2xx drivers.

(5) You also need to build the supporting libraries and install them
(They are installed "locally" only)

Type this command:

bash$ cd /home/duane/test

bash$ make

which: (1) downloads files
(2) builds the libs
(3) builds OpenOCD

(6) As you hack upon OpenOCD... to rebuild OpenOCD...

bash$ cd /home/duane/test

bash$ make remake

which: (1) re-bootstraps
(2) re-configures
(3) re-builds
(4) re-installs.