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ntfreak ebd5afbb0e Updates and fixes for the manpage from Uwe Hermann 15 years ago
contrib Kees Jongenburger <> - now compiles 15 years ago
doc Updates and fixes for the manpage from Uwe Hermann 15 years ago
ecosflash deleted obsolete stuff. 16 years ago
src - add missing svn props from r1299 commit 15 years ago
testing - fix missing/incorrect svn file props 15 years ago
tools Dick Hollenbeck <> SVF to XSVF converter and the XSVF dumper take #2 15 years ago
AUTHORS Test checkin from commandline 15 years ago
BUGS added stack trace. 16 years ago
COPYING - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 18 years ago
ChangeLog retired 16 years ago
INSTALL - fix typo's 15 years ago - reset_run now works as expected on cortex-m3 16 years ago
NEWS - fix typo's 15 years ago
NEWTAPS jtag newtap change & huge manual update 15 years ago
PATCHES how to send patch 15 years ago
README Test of commit email from duane 15 years ago
TODO Tweaked logging output. 16 years ago
bootstrap - documentation fixes (thanks to Uwe Hermann) 17 years ago From Dirk Behme - another set of typos 15 years ago Pavel Chromy fix: the scripts to retrieve SVN revision returns the result including new line 16 years ago


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